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Ocaml IDE

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An Ocaml language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. It uses merlin for most of it's heavy lifting.


  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Autocompletion.
  • Got to declaration of value.

The merlin based features require a .merlin file to work.

Install the plugin

Install merlin

opam switch 4.04.0
opam install merlin

Generate the parser and lexer code

./gradlew generateOcamlLexer
./gradlew generateOcamlPsiAndParser

Run the plugin from gradle

./gradlew runIdea

Build the plugin

./gradlew buildPlugin

The plugin will be located at build/distributions/ocaml-idea-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.zip

It should be possible to install the plugin on IntelliJ IDEA versions 2016.1 and later.