Render csv and tsv files and streams as tables
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Tables for the console

Generate simple tables from stdin for example

┃a    ┃     1┃
┃a    ┃     2┃



opam install core
opam install terminal_size
opam install async


corebuild tabulate.native

Testing the build

pip3 install -r test_data/requirements.txt
python3 test_data/ | ./tabulate.native -csv-separator ,


$ cat example.tsv | ./tabulate.native

┃b    ┃2     ┃
┃a    ┃1     ┃

$ ./tabulate.native example.tsv

┃b    ┃2     ┃
┃a    ┃1     ┃

$ ./tabulate.native -help

Render input data as a table

  tabulate.native [FILENAME]

Render input data as a table

=== flags ===

  [-buffer-size INT]    The number of lines the program can store at a time
  [-csv-header LIST]    Column labels for csv/tsv file
  [-csv-no-header-row]  Don't use the first row as the header row, use numeric
                        id's instead unless -header is provided
  [-csv-separator]      The column separater used by the csv parser, this
                        defaults to the tab character
  [-hide-header]        Hide the header
  [-build-info]         print info about this build and exit
  [-version]            print the version of this build and exit
  [-help]               print this help text and exit
                        (alias: -?)