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Bossmoves: A simple basketball league simulator

Usage (Python3)

First, download bossmoves-master onto your computer, then:

pip install pandas

Fire the simulator up by running sim.py

python3 sim.py

Choose a team (Quakers, Wonder, Sharks, Bosses, Ninjas, Kingsmen, Jets, Pack, Hounds, Titans) Once you choose a team, you'll be shown your team's information, players, etc. From there you can start playing! Remember to extend contracts and be aware of the salary cap.


1. The simulator allows you to enter the clubhouse (place to extend contracts, make trades) twice every season: prior to the season start and the trade deadline.
2. The clubhouse won't let you proceed if your payroll exceeds the cap by $20 million or if you have expired contracts.
3. If you remain below the cap for a season, your cap will increase for the next season. The inverse is true as well, if you reasonably exceed the cap for one season, your cap will be penalized for the next season.
4. You have 5 seasons. At the end of the 5 seasons, you will be shown your team's change in overall rating, number of championships, conference titles, division titles, and best finish.