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const are compile-time constants while val are such constants whose
values can be assigned at runtime
const val marksInMaths: Int = 56
const val marksInScience: Int = 89
fun main(args: Array<String>) {
fun printUsingStringTemplate() {
val totalMarks = marksInMaths + marksInScience
println("My marks in Maths are $marksInMaths while I scored $marksInScience in Science. " +
"Overall my total is $totalMarks")
fun executeIfElseExpression() {
// The if-else expression is returning an Int and hence variable highestMarks is of type Int
val highestMarks = if (marksInMaths > marksInScience) marksInMaths else marksInScience
// If you need to execute some code along with returning some value, use this way
val highestMarksAgain =
if (marksInMaths > marksInScience) {
println("The last line is returned and you can put any code here")
} else {
println("The last line is returned and you can put any code here")
println("Highest Marks are $highestMarks")
fun executeWhenExpression() {
// There's no switch statement in Kotlin. 'when' statement is much more concise compared to switch statement
val totalMarks = marksInMaths + marksInScience
when (totalMarks) {
100 -> println("Good score but I'm not impressed")
120 -> println("That's a great score")
140 -> { // For multiline code, use braces {}
println("Well, you are really intelligent")
println("You have a bright future")
else -> println("You're out of the world :)") //else is optional
// When Expression returns the result and hence it can be used this way as well
val totalMarksAsString = when (totalMarks) {
100 -> "Good score but I'm not impressed"
120 -> "That's a great score"
140 -> { // For multiline code, use braces {}
println("If you have multiline code, the last value is assigned to the variable")
"You have a bright future" //This value is gonna be assigned
else -> "You're out of the world :)" //else is NOT optional now