Converts audio file collections into the TipToi pen format
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ttaudio - TipToi Audio

ttaudio converts a collection of *.mp3 or *.ogg audio files into a single *.gme file to play on the Ravensburger TipToi pen.

ttaudio is neither offered nor supported by Ravensburger. All information shown here was consolidated by independent hobbyists and only for educational purposes. The authors do not take any liability for possible damages.

Main Window

Screenshot of MainForm

HTML output

Screenshot of HTML output


  • Attach the TipToi pen to the USB port of your computer
  • Start ttaudio
  • Drop audio files into the file list
  • Click menu -> Build -> Upload to Pen
  • The conversion of audio files starts
  • A web page with optical IDs to play the audio files opens
  • Print the web page
    • Use a printer with at least 600 dpi black-and-white resolution.
    • Disable all "Toner Saving" or "Eco-Mode" settings.
    • Check the list of supported printers
  • Wait until ttaudio has copied the *.gme file to the pen

More possibilities

ttaudio is based on tttool, a universal, command line based tool to create and analyze GME files. Check out if you want to do more than just upload some MP3 files, e.g. print your own interactive books or toys.


ttmp32gme is a great alternative to ttaudio. It is HTTP-server-based and also runs on Linux and MacOS.


Internally, ttaudio uses following tools: