Automatically upload files to S3 as they're created
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(pronounced "ess-three-mer")

Automatically upload files to S3 as they're created


s3reamer watches a provided directory and starts uploading newly created files as soon as they're created. It uses rb-inotify for filesystem event notifications. As such, it only works on Linux systems.

When it detects a new file, it immediately begins uploading it to S3 using the multipart upload API. It buffers each part (default and minimum 5MB) in memory.


s3reamer is available on Rubygems. You can install it with:

$ gem install s3reamer

You can also add it to your Gemfile:

gem 's3reamer'

In order to access the executables, you might have to do something like:

rbenv rehash

depending on how your Ruby environment is configured.


It's probably easiest to use the bundled ruby script:

$ s3reamer
Usage: s3reamer DIRECTORY BUCKET_NAME [options]
    -r, --region [AWS_REGION]
        --file-read-timeout [SECONDS]
                                     Number of seconds to wait for a file to grow before timing out (defaults to 10)
        --reader-sleep-interval [SECONDS]
                                     Number of seconds to sleep after an attempted read (defaults to 1)
    -n, --parallelism [N]            Maximum number of concurrent files being processed (defaults to 4)
    -v, --verbose
    -c, --aws-credientials [PATH]    Path to AWS credentials file. Defaults to ~/.aws/credentials
    -p [PROFILE],                    AWS credentials profile. Defaults to "default".
        --s3-prefix [PREFIX]         Prefix to append to all uploaded files. Defaults to empty string.

It expects credentials to be in the standard AWS credentials conf format, and reads from ~/.aws/credentials by default:

$ cat ~/.aws/credentials
aws_access_key_id = <access_key_id>
aws_secret_access_key = <secret_access_key>
region = us-east-1

It's important to note that s3reamer will NOT attempt to upload files that already exist (and don't change) when it's started.