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The Lotus gem wasn't released yet, but all the core frameworks are out at the version 0.1.0. This is a sample application that uses all available Lotus components. It is based on @jodosha's example.

The Application

The application is a system for booking conference rooms in a coworking space. Users can pick a free slot to book a room, and an administrator can manage rooms and see reports on how much a team has used a room.

You can see this application running here.


  • Index/Create Rooms
  • Show validation errors on create
  • Updating rooms
  • Deleting rooms
  • Implement Teams CRUD
  • Implement authorization for teams
  • Implement authorization for admins
  • Allow teams to book a room at a specific time
  • Allow admins to see room usage by teams


  1. Clone repo
  2. Run bundle install
  3. Copy .env.example into .env and edit it to your liking (use SecureRandom.hex(64) to generate a key for RACK_SECRET)
  4. Create the database (e.g. createdb lotus_model_test, but you should be able to use any RDBMS)
  5. Migrate the database bundle exec rake migrate
  6. Start the server with bundle exec rake server (it will start a server with Shotgun)
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