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WSim is a embedded system platform simulator. It relies on cycle
accurate full platform simulation using microprocessor instruction
driven timings. The simulator is able to perform a full simulation of
hardware events that occur in the platform and to give back to the
developer a precise timing analysis of the simulated software.
The native software of the node can be used in the simulator without
the need to reconfigure or recompile the software. We use a classical
GCC cross-compiler toolchain and the simulation is not attached to any
particular language nor operating system. We are thus able to debug
and evaluate performances of the full system at the assembly level. A
precise estimation of timings, memory consumption and power can be
obtained during simulation. FreeRTOS, Contiki and TinyOS operating
systems have been successfully tested on simulation platforms.
The simulator can be used in standalone mode for debuging purposes
when no radio device is used in the design (or when the radio
simulation is not needed). But one of the main WSim feature is its
interface with the WSNet simulator to perform the simulation of a
complete sensor network.
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