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NX and node-x11 #6

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I'm trying to run an NX server that communicates with node-x11 as the NX client. A remote machine would communicate via HTML Canvas with the NX server.

I'm interested in your thoughts before diving into this. I appreciate any advice.

Thank you


Not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve.

NX server implemented in node using node-x11 to get screen updates/input events similar to x11vnc?


I can see two approaches
1) implement everything in node:

  • add XDamage extension
  • watch for updates, encode to NX protocol 2) proxy vnc->nx see vnc client in examples/vncclient
    • receive vnc screen updates (prom external vnc server, possiby remote), store current screen buffer state, encode using NX protocol

I recently added basic support for damage and composite extensions so it's now possible to create vnc or nx server


no, vncviewer is just viewer (front end to vnc protocol client), but there is also a server side part for vnc protocol. There is very primitive example in /examples/smoketest/damagetest.js ( ). It prints damage notification each time external window updates its surface ( try to launch xeyes, find it's id with xwininfo and start example as node damagetest winID replacing winID with xeyes win id.

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