A leiningen plugin/task to call a function in a new process or 'run' a .clj file. DEPRECATED.
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This plugin is now deprecated in favor of the built-in run task in Leiningen 1.4 and later. The built-in run task is a subset of the lein-run plugin with some undesired functionality removed.

lein-run Leiningen Plugin

A leiningen plugin to call a function in a new process or run a .clj file.

lein-run is extremely useful when you want to launch long-running Clojure process from the command line. For example, it can be used to start a server (a web server like Compojure) or to start a process that will run in an infinite loop (a process waiting for messages from a message queue, a twitter client etc.)


lein-run is available from clojars. Just add it as a dependency in your project.clj and you're good to go. Refer the clojars page for the latest version to use.

:dev-dependencies [[lein-run "1.0.0"]]


lein run <file> [<arg> ...]

file must be a path relative to the project root. It will be run using clojure.main/main. Args will be passed on as *command-line-args*.

lein run <namespace> [<function> [<arg> ...]]

If function is not given, it defaults to -main. Calls namespace/function passing it all the args.

lein run <alias> [<arg> ...]

Aliases for running a file or calling a function can be defined in project.clj and referred to here. Args from the command line are appended to args from the alias definition.

:run-aliases {:alias1 [a-namespace a-function "arg1" "arg2"]
              :alias2 ["a-file" "arg1" "arg2"]}

Alias names can be keywords or strings. All args will be converted to strings.


Let's say you have a simple Compojure webapp:

(ns hello-www.core
  (:use compojure.core
  (:require [compojure.route :as route]))

(defroutes example
  (GET "/" [] "<h1>Hello World Wide Web!</h1>")
  (route/not-found "Page not found"))

(defn start-server [port]
  (run-jetty example {:port port}))

(defn -main [& [port]]
  (if port
    (start-server (Integer/parseInt port))
    (start-server 8080)))

You can start the server this way:

lein run hello-www.core start-server 8080

You can also define an alias:

:run-aliases {:server [hello-www.core -main]}

and then use it to start the server:

lein run server 8080

If you hardcode the port into the alias definition:

:run-aliases {:server [hello-www.core -main 8080]}

you won't have to specify it on the command line:

lein run server


Copyright (C) Siddhartha Reddy.

Thanks to Phil Hagelberg, Alex Osborne and Dan Larkin for the terrific build tool that is leiningen.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure uses. See the file COPYING.