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“Home is where you can scratch where it itches.”

This repository is inspired by https://github.com/rtomayko/dotfiles It's not a clone of that repository though. This is my very own home.

This repository includes some of the config files, scripts etc. I use and depend on for my everyday life.

My primary platforms are Mac OS X and GNU/Linux (Debian/Ubuntu).


This is how I end up importing these settings into a fresh install of Max OS X:

git init .
git remote add -t \* -f origin https://github.com/sids/tilda-sids
git checkout master

(From StackOverflow)


There is a good amount of stuff here that I haven't written -- some I've copied from friends and some from the internets. I do not claim any copyright over those and cannot, in turn, grant permission to copy them. In most of these cases though, I've tried to include a reference to where I got the code from. But I might not have done so in every case; please let me know if you come across any such cases.

There are some vendor files and directories that are part of this repository. These are plugins/extensions/etc. that add to the functionality of the application in question. For these, please refer to LICENSE/COPYING file that might be present in these directories or the LICENSE/COPYING information that might be present inside the files (I've not removed any such information).