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A better iostat for Linux
Latest commit 9191842 @siebenmann README: add a little clarification that we work on 3.x kernels too
Since I just realized that that was unclear.


== What it is:

This is a Linux program that reports accurate and trustworthy disk IO
stats on a Linux 2.6/3.x machine without either making stats up or lying
to you when counter rollover happens. The numbers are taken directly
from the kernel statistics.

Information on iostat's problems:

Information on what IO stats you get from the kernel and what they

(this information is slightly out of date; in modern 2.6 kernels you can
get full stats on a per-partition basis, and mxiostat supports this.)

See mxiostat.1 for a manpage.

=== Bugs:

- manpage could stand improvement.
- contains vestigial code that should be removed or in some cases
- usage is confusing and complex.

=== Copyright:

GPL v3 for now.
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