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This repository contains the souce code of the Rappelle-toi mobile app featured in the Applications mobiles avec Cordova et PhoneGap book published by @Eyrolles and written by @fingerproof and @siebmanb.

Rappelle-toi is a Cordova/PhoneGap application developped using Web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is intended to run on iOS and Android, preferably on the latest versions of both these mobile operating systems.

The app is some kind of a diary allowing the user to associate a year and a picture, a video clip, some text or a geolocation to make an entry which will then be displayed in a sorted timeline. Entries are saved locally and can be deleted if need be.

As it is intended to be educational only, Rappelle-toi is meant to remain relatively simple and its source files must be fully annotated. That said, everyone willing to contribute is very welcome to do so submitting one or more pull requests :)

Running the app

Applications mobiles avec Cordova et PhoneGap shows you how to install and setup Cordova/PhoneGap then, to run the app, you must open a terminal window and:

  1. git clone this repository
  2. cd into the freshly created rappelle-toi directory
  3. add the needed platforms using cordova platform add (e.g. cordova platform add ios)
  4. execute cordova plugin add dependencies to get the required plugins
  5. and finally run cordova run or cordova emulate depending on your preferred deployment target

If you want to contribute, note that the book also teaches you how to debug this kind of apps, plus you can use the GapReload plugin to enjoy a faster development workflow.


An empty timeline The text view The location view An timeline showing two entries


Code source de l'application de démonstration "Rappelle-toi", utilisée à titre d'exemple dans le livre sur le développement Cordova aux éditions Eyrolles.



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