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Version française plus bas. (Please. Do :) )


In a few words. The idea, tell the issues, gather the ideas, and combine them in viable solutions. Get people opinion and give ask your own questions to make things better. Use technology to get to people to sort out the best solution

What's next

Some codebase is coming soon. Documenting here to get open to contribution.




  • Symfony framework
  • Compass/SASS
  • Git
  • Doctrine


  • Ranking of ideas,
  • Give scores to ideas,
  • Get the pulse of people on what matters the most to them,
  • Find social issues,
  • Validate,
  • Find solutions to those issues,

Find the most important issues,

  • Validate,
  • Find the best solution,

Bring poeple to participate:

  • Get them mad
  • Get them pationate about something,
  • Get them responsable for something,

Get them to act on it,

  • See some effect to what they are doing,
  • Access credibility,
  • Build credibility,
  • Interesting,
  • Be interested,
  • Verified identities,
  • Anonymity ??


  • Liabilities,
  • Difamation,

Opened questions

  • how to get most, best poll results,
  • how to get ride of Trolls,


  • Take comment,
  • Validate,
  • Find solution,


  • Make it a Do-Ocratie, :)
  • Those who get to decide are those who work on it,
  • If you don't like it , Work on it

Source, references

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