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📖 Infinite Memory | A scripture memory application

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Here's the live version:

I came up with this web app to help memorize scripture, but also entered it in Hashnode + Netlify's February 2022 Hackathon. It made for a great vanilla Javascript exercise too!

Here's a launch blog I wrote about the motivation for and process of creating the app:

How to Use

  1. Select a verse by clicking the cooresponding button. This will toggle the verse card's visibility below.

  2. Review the verse and use the Remove Words and Toggle Whole Verse buttons to hide some or all of the verse for review.

  3. Listen to a recording of the verse with original music in the embedded podcast player. (I record and produce these in parallel with the updating of the web app).

  4. Practice typing the verse in the form textarea. Press the Check Typed Verse and the card will turn green if you got it correct or red if you missed something.

Please note: in it's current version, you must type the punctation exactly as printed in order for the test to pass. Capitalization does not matter, but punctuation does.

To reset the entire page, press the Reset All button at the very top or refresh the page.