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✨ Pinhoti 100 Sample Site ✨

View live site here

This is a Hugo site using Forestry as a CMS. It was created with Stackbit in under a minute.

You can create a site just like this one, or explore some variations. How about a different:

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Develop Locally

  1. Follow the installation guide to install Hugo

  2. This theme uses Hugo Pipes to handle SCSS – please ensure you have the Hugo extended version installed:

     hugo version
  3. Start the Hugo development server:

     hugo server
  4. Open http://localhost:1313/ in the browser

  5. 🎉

Editing Content

To start editing your site, you can use the Forestry interface at

Alternatively, you can use the free on-page editing experience provided by the Stackbit Studio.

Here's a few resources to get you started:

If you need a hand, make sure to check the Stackbit support page.


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