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@tobias-schuele tobias-schuele released this Jul 11, 2017


  • Added support for heterogeneous systems in algorithms and dataflow
  • Added ForLoop function for parallel index-based loops
  • Added extension for MTAPI callback functions
  • Added job and task attributes for scheduling based on problem size
  • Added functions to retrieve context for OpenCL and CUDA plugins

Changes and improvements:

  • Added support for atomic operations provided by C11/C++11
  • Optimized spinlock implementation
  • Added default constructors for Group and Queue
  • Added test for exceptions in mtapi_cpp
  • Added initialization of affinity in execution policy constructors
  • Added initialization of user_data pointer in task attributes
  • Corrected return code for cancelled task in network plugin
  • Improved error handling in MTAPI CPP interface
  • Enabled reuse of main thread by default
  • Added explicit finalization of allocated elements in MTAPI pool
  • Removed spinlock from dataflow
  • Added initialization of clock listeners in dataflow
  • Changed dataflow so that sources are run within slice group
  • Changed iterators in containers to return pairs and added documentation
  • Added iterators to value pools and changed destruction of elements in object pools
  • Added initializers in unit tests
  • Resolved Coverity Scan warnings
  • Resolved warning when compiling with GCC 7.1

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed resource leak in unit test for pool
  • Fixed potential resource leak and remote task cancel handling in network plugin
  • Fixed MTAPI_CPP affinity test on single-core machines
  • Fixed handling of task error conditions encountered during execution
  • Fixed wrong allocation size in MTAPI C implementation
  • Fixed possible overflow in unit test for algorithms
  • Fixed problem in unit test where mutex could be destroyed while still being locked

Build system:

  • Added option for generating shared libraries
  • Added CMake package finder and use-script for integration of EMB² in applications
  • Added output for all options in CMake build script
  • Integrated Coverity Scan into Travis CI builds
  • Fixed linker problem with CUDA plugin
  • Fixed script that creates tarball and zip file
  • Updated .travis.yml


  • Added sample application (video processing)
  • Revised tutorial and converted to markdown format
  • Included generation of HTML and EPUB files (in addition to PDF)
  • Added example for CUDA plugin
  • Improved Doxygen documentation
  • Extended CONTRIBUTING file
  • Updated README file
  • Updated year in license headers
  • Fixed typos
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