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proof-of-concept CMP client on the NXP FRDM-K64F platform
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This project provides source code, documentation, and other files for a CMP client mplemented on the NXP FRDM-K64F platform based on the Kinetis SDK (KSDK). It is a fork of CMPclient-embedded-lib by Martin Peylo at Nokia.

This prototypical code explicitly does not have production quality but constructively proves that CMP can be implemented and used even on a device that does not have the capacity to contain OpenSSL (or any other TLS implementation) nor a proper operating system.

It essentially uses just the cryptography support provided by mbedTLS and some basic I/O functionality including a bare-bones HTTP or CoAP client. As expected, its code size, network bandwidth, and computation resource footprint are similar to an EST implementation (while it does not need (d)TLS but performs self-contained message protection as far as needed).

This also serves as a PoC for current standardization efforts at the IETF on profiling the CMP standard RFC 4210, RFC 6712 towards use in embedded systems and the IoT.


This software is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


Please note that this software and associated documentation files is a prototypical implementation and merely serves as proof-of-concept. It is explicitly not guaranteed that all related functionality and hardening measures needed for productive software have been implemented. The development procedures and processes for proof-of-concept implementation are not sufficient to assure product-grade software quality. Therefore the code, scripts, configuration, and documentation of the software are provided ‘as is’ and can only serve as an example or starting point for further development.

How to use

For instructions how to get the required underlying sources and then build and use this software please refer to

Software architecture

The following picture gives a rough overview of the software components used by the embeded CMP client. The bulk of the unterlying software is part of the Kinetis SDK or the Git repository of libcoap.

SW architecture

The generic data flow of the certificates is shown in the following figure.

Certificate flow

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