Collections of Cinema and Media Music: guide to archival collections of film and media music
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Collections of Cinema and Media Music

A guide to archival collections of film and media music. Created by Sienna M. Wood, Ph.D., software engineer and musicologist, and Michael W. Harris, Ph.D., librarian, archivist, and musicologist.

This project is currently in development. A static informational site is available at, which will also be the home of the completed project.


This project consists of a Ruby on Rails back-end serving a GraphQL endpoint, and a React front-end with the Apollo client. To develop on your local machine:

  • Clone this repository and navigate into it:
    git clone
    cd c2m2
  • Install Ruby gems and launch server on http://localhost:3000/ (GraphiQL will be available at http://localhost:3000/graphiql):
    cd server
    bundle install
    rails server
  • Install Node packages and launch client on http://localhost:3001/:
    cd ../client
    yarn start