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Sierra cover

Sierra Library

The smallest and lightest scss library (formerly known as penguin library)

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Online demo

Visit demo website.

What's the difference with other SCSS libraries?

This is a micro SCSS library to help you build websites, without all the arbitrary selectors.

    ✓ Only 37.03 kB (8.9 kB gzipped)
    ✓ Modular
    ✓ 2 configurable grid systems (bootstrap and flexboxgrid)
    ✓ Adjust colors, borders, radius & sizes in the variables.scss file
    ✓ Responsive


1. Grab a copy of the library

Using bower

bower install sierra --save

Using npm

npm install sierra-library --save-dev

Using diamond

diamond install sierra

or manually download the library.

2. Load the css stylesheet in your html file

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/sierra.min.css">

Note: when using diamond, import it into your Sass like so:

@import '~sierra';

3. Load FontAwesome if applicable (requried when using forms)

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.6.1/css/font-awesome.min.css">


1. Edit variables.scss file

This micro library is ready to be customized by editing the variables.scss file.

Change these variables and you will have a new customized look for your website:

Variable description Variable name Original value Alternative value
Base font $basefont Lato Arial
Brand primary color $brand-primary #1abc9c #3498db
Brand secondary color $brand-secondary #9b59b6 #2ecc71
Brand dark $brand-dark #18232f #18537a
Tables, forms and other elements bg color $brand-light #34495e #f1f1f1
Buttons border radius $button-border-radius 2em (rounded) 3px
Body background $body-bg #2c3e50 $white
Body text color $text-body $white #404040
Border color $border-color #465f78 #dddddd

2. Install dependencies

After editing, run $ npm install from the projects root folder to install all dependencies (needs nodejs installed).

3. Compile the files

Run $ gulp to generate a new development file: dev/sierra.css.


Run $ gulp build to generate a new production file: dist/sierra.min.css.

Suggesting enhancements and reporting bugs

Since we're a very small community, we will appreciate every contribution regardless of the size.

We will be happy to discuss new features and possible enhancements, so feel free to use GitHub Issues for suggesting enhancements, new features and reporting bugs.

Once your enhancement/new feature is approved, you can open a Pull Request.

For small changes or misspellings, don't hesitate to open a pull request directly.


Before creating a new Pull Request, open an issue at GitHub Issues. Just to make sure everybody feels comfortable with the change. Remember to specify if you are able or unable, to develop the enhancement/feature.

Contributing rules

  • Do not include unrelated commits in the same Pull Request.

  • Use .editorconfig file located in the root folder. More info

  • Use the .scss-lint file located in the root folder.

  • In order to make this library easy to maintain you can use mixins, placeholders and even functions if necessary. The golden rule here is keeping it as simple as possible. Sometimes is better a simple solution that takes a few more lines of code, rather than one that adds complexity for the sake of one-liners. Just use common sense here. In case of doubt join our chat at sierra-library gitter.

  • Many selector names can be improved, but try to avoid changing them (do it only if strictly necessary). We will change them in the V2 with BEM naming.

  • Happy contributing everyone!

Who's Using This?

Are you using Sierra Library in your awesome project too? Let us know in our Gitter chat or simply drop me an email.


Support us with a monthly donation and help us continue our activities. [Become a backer]


Become a sponsor and get your logo on our README on Github with a link to your site. [Become a sponsor]

Made by Joan Claret (@dpam23) and contributors  |  This library is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0.

Many thanks to Angela Lareki for designing some modules and Joan Leon for all the advices and linting files.