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Code for making a AR drone 2.0 fly above a red circle all by itself!
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Code for making a AR drone 2.0 fly above a red circle all by itself using openCV and python 2.7



  1. Install Python 2.7
  2. Install OpenCV 3 for python 2.7
  3. Install PS-Drone

How to run?

  1. Connect AR drone to your computer using the AR drone WiFi network
  2. Run with python2.7
  3. Enjoy!

NOTE: I modded the AR-Drone by getting the front camera of the AR-Drone and taped it to the bottom center of the drone. If you do it correctly the existing flex cable is just long enough! This is because the normal AR-Drone bottom camera is very low resolution. If you want to run this code also make sure to do this mod!

NOTE 2: You might have to help the drone a little bit at takeoff. This is because the AR-Drone drifts a lot at takeoff and because of that it could lose sight of the Circle. Just push the drone into the direction of the circle when it takes off.


  1. tag.png This is the circle which the drone detect. Print this out with a diameter of about 35cm
  2. the main program which will make the drone center above the tag.
  3. A simple program which writes the video stream from the AR Drone to a local .avi video.

For questions feel free to contact me using the Issues tab in Github!

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