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Last Week in RISC-V

The goal of "Last Week in RISC-V" is to ensure that anyone interested in the RISC-V ecosystem can stay up to date with the latest progress without needing to subscribe to every mailing list, which as we've grown has become unfeasible. I'm sort of modeling this after the LLVM weekly or LWN, but we'll see where things take us. For this issue I've avoided restricting myself to the set of developments that actually happened over the last week, but as we move forward I anticipate that we'll end up with more up-to-date content.

The target audience of "Last Week in RISC-V" is anyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest developments in RISC-V, at a weekly cadence. Since I'm currently the only person compiling this it's somewhat heavily slanted to engineers working on the RISC-V open source software ecosystem, but my hope is that we'll be able to get a wide enough breadth of contributors that we can cover everything that happens in RISC-V. Even on the software side of things I'm only really plugged in to the developments in the core RISC-V system components, so I'm far from covering the entire space of RISC-V software development much less everything else that's going on in the RISC-V ecosystem.

My current plan is to attempt to produce this at a one week cadence, but that may be too much work for me to handle -- in that case I'll do this once a month. This is going to have to be a community effort: it's not feasible for one person to actually follow the entire RISC-V ecosystem, so we'll need help from everyone to make sure the relevant news gets collected in one place. I've got a bit of information on how to contribute to "Last Week in RISC-V" at the end of this message.

Subscribing to "Last Week in RISC-V"

I've decided to create a Google Group at SiFive, and while I understand that's not ideal it's the best I can figure out for now. The Google Groups interface is quick clunky, so if you're looking for archives it's probably still best to use GitHub. Hopefully this makes it easier for people to find the mailing list.

Contributing to "Last Week in RISC-V"

Like everything else in the RISC-V ecosystem, this won't be possible as just a one-man effort. I'm hosting the sources at, so if you're comfortable editing them feel free to open a pull request. If you don't want to get involved in GitHub then you're also welcome to just mail me patches or blurbs for inclusion and I can merge them together.

I don't really have any specific criteria as to what will or won't be included. Part of the reason I'm doing this is that the RISC-V ecosystem has started to get big enough that there are huge sections of it that I know nothing about, so I think the starting criteria will be "anything I'm interested enough in to want to read" and we'll just go from there!


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