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Kerouac middleware that generates appcasts from Parcel package repositories.
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This is middleware for Kerouac that generates Sparkle-compatible appcasts from Parcel package repositories.

Applications can poll appcasts to check for the latest version, prompting users to update when a new version is available.


$ npm install kerouac-parcel-appcast

Install for development:

$ git clone
$ cd kerouac-parcel-appcast
$ npm link


To generate an appcast, use appcast middleware passing in a repository and query as arguments. In the example below, all versions of the package named "sync" for Mac OS X will be selected and placed as items in the appcast.

Metadata about the appcast itself, including title and description is passed as a hash in the third argument.

var appcast = require('kerouac-parcel-appcast');

var repo = parcel.createRepository('repo.json');'/sync/macosx.xml', appcast(repo, { name: 'sync', os: 'macosx' },
                                      { title: 'Sifteo Sync',
                                        description: 'The latest updates to Sifteo Sync.',
                                        packageLink: '' }));


Apache License, Version 2.0

Copyright (c) 2013 Sifteo Inc. <>

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