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Official JavaScript client for the Sight API.
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This repository contains the official Sight API Node.js client. The Sight API is a text recognition service.


  1. Install the node module.
npm install sight-api
  1. Grab an API key from the Sight dashboard.
  2. Create a client, passing your API key into the constructor, and recognize text:
const sight = require('sight-api');

const s = new sight.Client('xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx');

s.recognize(['invoice_1.pdf', 'my_receipt.png'])
    .then(pages => {
    .catch(error => {

pages looks like this:

      "Pages": [
          "Error": "",
          "FileIndex": 0,
          "PageNumber": 1,
          "NumberOfPagesInFile": 3,
          "RecognizedText": [ ... ]

FileIndex is the index of this file in the original request's "files" array.

RecognizedText looks like this:

    "RecognizedText": [
          "Text": "Invoice",
          "Confidence": 0.22863210084975458
          "TopLeftX": 395,
          "TopLeftY": 35,
          "TopRightX": 449,
          "TopRightY": 35,
          "BottomLeftX": 395,
          "BottomLeftY": 47,
          "BottomRightX": 449,
          "BottomRightY": 47,

Word-Level Bounding Boxes

client.recognize([ ... ], words=False) has a default parameter words, which defaults to false, but if it's set to true then word-level bounding boxes are returned instead of sentence-level bounding boxes.

Official API Documentation

Here is the official documentation for the Sight API.

Apache V2 License

This code is licensed under Apache V2.0. The full text of the license can be found in the "LICENSE" file.

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