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The easiest way to test DroidCouch is to create a new Eclipse project and run the test client

If you don't already have Eclipse and the latest Android SDK, please install them.
See for details.

You also need a CouchDB server that you can access via HTTP. It can be either remote or local.
See for details on how to install CouchDB.


1. Use menu alternative File -> New project -> Other -> Android project -> Specify from existing source.
2. Browse to the directory you checked out from GitHub and select it.
3. Use default values for everything

Note: if you intend to run on a real phone, please specify a compatible SDK version.
Currently we default to SDK 1.5, which works for most phones currently on the market.

4. Change the file

Find the line: //String HOST = "ADD_YOUR_OWN_COUCHDB_SERVER_HERE";
and add a valid URL to your own server. Note that the URL should end with a forward slash.

5. Try running the project using "Debug as -> Android project"

If everything works, you will see the test application in the emulator.
After a few seconds, it should then display: All tests passed!

Good luck!
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