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This project demonstrates custom code checkers.

In this example, all comments in VHDL (*.vhd) files in the project are scanned for matching brackets. The script takes into account parentheses, curly brackets and square brackets: () {} [] If brackets are not matched correctly, the checker will raise a warning at the correct location so that the user can fix the brackets.

How to use:

Make sure you have the current version of the Marker Manager (we are using the version 20150430). Download and installation instructions are at:

If you want to apply a custome code checker to your own project:

  1. Create a new builder that generates the "markers.rpt" file:
  • Project > Properties > Builders > New > Program

  • Set the options of this new builder like I have configured "Check brackets in VHDL comments" in this example project

  1. Activate the Marker builder to your project: Right-click on the project, Configure > Add Marker Builder

  2. Make sure that your custom builder is listed before the "Marker Project Builder". Check this in Project > Properties > Builders

Suggestions for improvement and customisation:

You can extend the script to check for mathing HTML tags or matching LaTeX tags in comments.

You can modify the comment symbol in the script so that only comments that start with "--!' are considered.


If you have improvements for the checker script or for the documentation, feel free to send a pull request through GitHub.


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