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Added testing and de-structured file service logic from electron application

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Simple File Conversion Application


Build From Source

Simply execute the shell script ./ in your terminal to install dependencies, build source files and compile binaries. Alternatively, you can execute the entire process manually with the following steps;

Make sure you have Node.js with NPM installed, then run the following commands in your terminal.

Install required dependencies via NPM

npm install

Build the JavaScript source files with WebPack

npm run build

Compile the distribution binaries with Electron-Builder

npm run dist

Run From Source (Development)

Alternatively, if you'd like to contribute to the project and require a local development application, simply execute ./ in yout terminal or start a new development environemnt manually like so;

Make sure you have Node.js with NPM installed, then run the following commands in your terminal.

Install required dependencies via NPM

npm install

Start Foreman to manage WebPack-Dev-Server and Electron

npm start

Tech Stack

FFMpeg: The backbone of our file conversion, FFMpeg which normally install in the command line, instead comes bundles with the application and interfaced behind the scenes with our NodeJS Service.

Electron: Thanks to GitHub for this little open source gem. Electron makes JavaScript web interfaces run within desktop applications and across all platforms.

Eletron-Builder: It may be just a plugin, but electron-builder carries most of the weight when it comes to compiling, code signing and publishing our binaries, everything distribution is here!

React: No need to introduce this one... React helps easily create component based applications and is extremely powerful when combined with Electron.

Lottie: Lottie is an open source project by AirBnb and is resonsible for the fancy SVG progress and logo animations within the application.

WebPack: From React components to a single compiled JavaScript file, WebPack put's it all together!

  • webpack-dev-server: Hosts live builds from source with hot swap loading to make sure we're always viewing the latest verison when developing.

Foreman: Starting a development environment is made simple thanks to Foreman. This module helps us configure a startup command queue, waiting for our webpack-dev-server to begin serving before starting our electron application, and all in one command.

Mocha Last but not least is our testing framework, Mocha. Possibly the most important thing in a test-driven development environment, and ironing out bugs for production, Mocha makes sure our code does what it says it does!


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