Everything you need to know to publish using LaTeX or Word and then some.
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SIGCHI Document Formats

This repository is the official source for SIGCHI templates for Word and LaTeX. If you are just looking to download the templates, please see the download page.

While we encourage people to fix bugs and address issues, please note that not all pull requests will be taken for logistic reasons. Please see the open tasks and reference them when making or opening such requests.

If you have some supplement for Zotero, End Note, BibDesk, or other 3rd party software that's not technically part of the template, let us know as well, we might host it here too in the Extras directory.


Various SIG CHI conferences may have a slightly tweaked version on their conference page. Please make sure to check the individual conference's website before using this repository's snapshot.

Paper Formats

CHI uses two different formats for most submissions: CHI Proceedings Format and Extended Abstract Format. Please note that changing the leading, changing the tracking, adding small fonts for references, and other sizing tricks are strictly prohibited.

CHI Proceedings Format

These templates should be used for submitting CHI Papers and CHI Notes.

Extended Abstracts Format

These template should be used for submitting workshops, courses, case studies, doctoral consortium, panels, interactivity, SIGs, works-in-progress, alt.chi, and the student competitions.

LaTeX Notes

Note, there is one directory for both the Proceedings format and the Extended Abstract format. Some files, mostly acm-sigchi.bst, is shared between both templates. Please note to use proceedings.tex or extended-abstract.tex depending on which one you need. Alternatively, you can just grab a tar.gz build for the specific template that you want.

LaTeX Dependencies

These templates use some packages that your LATEX distribution could be missing though most modern LaTeX distributions have these packages by default. We'd recommend you install the full TeX distribution from TeX Live for Unix and Windows or MacTeX for Mac OSX. These are large packages in the order of several gigabytes, but it will simplify things in the long run. Trust us.

For reference, the specific packages are: hyperref, caption, url, titlesec, and footmisc. You can put these files in the same directory as your source TeX file, or download them from CTAN. You can also install such packages in your TeX system for better portability. Additionally, the [balance] package can better equalize the last page (both example files above make use of it: be sure that you have that package installed before compiling them).

ACM Classification Keywords

The category H.5 applies to information interfaces and presentation. The full list of categories for classifying work with a computing component can be found on the ACM website.

Digital Accessibility

The SIGCHI and its conferences are asking all authors to work on improving the accessibility of their submissions. Please see the Guide to an Accessible Submission for more details.