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A stupid web app to allow SIG-Game devs to vote using GitHub's OAUTH stuff.

Deployment Reminders

If you're an idiot like Wisely, you're going to need to remember to check the following:

  • Make sure nginx is configured properly
  • Make sure you run syncdb
  • Make sure you run collectstatic if nginx is configured to serve out of vote/var/static
  • Make sure the GitHub application is configured properly. It may not always point to

Github Organization Checking

The app uses the user:email and repo OAuth scopes from the GitHub API. They don't provide very fine-grained access controls, so we have to request read/write tokens for user repos. It's a consequence of some users being private members of the organization.

If a member is on a private MegaMinerAI SIG-Game GitHub team, they are a private member of the organization. Meaning, their membership in the organization isn't dispayed publicly on their profile. To see whether they're a member of a SIG-Game team (and hence the oraganization), we need to have access to their private repos. The only way to see that is by using the repo scope, which allows read-write to all public and private repositories.

Them's the breaks.


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