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gographs Go Report Card

gographs renders dependency graphs for Go packages.

gographs dependency example

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HTTP Endpoints

Endpoint Desc
/ Defaults to rendering this Go repo.
/repo/GO_REPO?cluster=false|true Permalink to a repo. Use POST to refresh.
/graph/GO_REPO.svg?cluster=false|true SVG direct link. Use POST to refresh.
/graph/|true GraphViz DOT direct link. Use POST to refresh.
/svg?url=SVG_URL Permalink to view an arbitrary SVG URL.

Local dev

First-time setup

go install
brew install dot # or equivalent
brew install redis # or equivalent
redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf

Boot server

go run main.go --log-level debug

Browse to http://localhost:8888

Lint check



This tool is built using many open source packages, but two in particular deserve special mention, as this site is essentially a mashup of them:

pkg/repo is based on Go Report Card

gographs courtesy of