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Tutorial showing how to build mobile applications using SightCall SDK for iOS
Objective-C Ruby
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This repository provides examples of implementations for the How-Tos presented on the documentation web site.

  • Authentication: the Authenticate How-To. In it, you will learn to use the connection/authentication part of the SDK.
  • Call: the Call How-To. In it, you will learn to call another user and be notified of an incoming call.
  • ScreenShare: Extension of the Call tutorial. During a call, the users have the ability to share a view from their app (and receive a share from another user).
  • Chat: the Chat How-To. In it, you will learn how to send and receive messages.
  • Presence: the Presence How-To. It explains how to change your presence and observe a list of contact's presence.


The Rtcc SDK is available on Cocoapods ( )! To use the tutorials, you should install it using the following command:

sudo gem install cocoapods

then make it install the SDK by entering:

pod update

And voila, the SDK is installed. Open the project using the .xcworkspace file.

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