Performant, streaming IRC message parser
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irc-message Build Status

Performant, streaming IRC message parser

irc-message provides an object stream capable of parsing RFC1459-compliant IRC messages, with support for IRCv3 message tags. This also includes server-to-server protocols such as TS6, Spanning Tree, and the UnrealIRCd protocol.


npm install irc-message



Returns an object stream, taking in Buffers/Strings of raw IRC data. Data should not be line-buffered, this stream handles splitting and buffering automatically. and pushing objects containing the following keys.

  • raw - unparsed IRC message (string)
  • tags - IRCv3 message tags
  • prefix - message prefix/source
  • command - message command/verb
  • params - an array of middle and trailing parameters

Optional options object supports

  • parsePrefix - replace the prefix with an object generated by irc-prefix-parser. Defaults to false.
  • convertTimestamp - if the message has a time tag, convert it into a JavaScript Date object (see server-time spec for reference). Defaults to false.
var net = require('net')
var ircMsg = require('irc-message')

net.connect(6667, '')
    .on('data', function(message) {


You can also access the message parser directly. The parser function expects a string without any CRLF sequences. If the string is malformed, null is returned. Otherwise, an object representing the message is returned (see createStream() for format).

var parse = require('irc-message').parse

console.log(parse(':hello!sir@madam PRIVMSG #test :Hello, world!'))
/* { 
 *   raw: ':hello!sir@madam PRIVMSG #test :Hello, world!',
 *   tags: {}, 
 *   prefix: 'hello!sir@madam', 
 *   command: 'PRIVMSG',
 *   params: ['#test', 'Hello, world!']
 * }