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My collection of dotfiles (emacs, screen, zsh, ...)
Emacs Lisp Lua Shell Haskell TeX Python
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_config update awesome config
_emacs.d update packages
_vimperator changes from work
_xmonad merge home and work dotfiles
_zsh zsh config fixes
texmf/tex/latex add ~/texmf content
.gitignore ignore some files
.gitmodules use yaoddmuse
ChangeLog [project @ yann@shirka-20070920140630-qiril2fcql1c56bb]
_XCompose add compose customizations
_Xdefaults fix xft backend for emacs
_Xmodmap cleanup xmodmap config
_colors new dircolors
_emacs-cust update emacs base config
_gitconfig better git config
_screenrc update from erasmus
_tmux.conf update undo-tree.el
_vimperatorrc a few modifs
_xsession add xmodmap file, and X session startup file
_zlogin major refactoring. make hierarchy understandable
_zprofile major refactoring. make hierarchy understandable
_zshenv zsh config fixes
_zshrc zsh config fixes


Installation is simple:
For every _* file/directory in here, you want to make it a .* file/directory in your homedir.
Pay attention not to overwrite existing files in the process
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