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2007-09-20 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs-cust.el: sanest defaults
2007-09-18 Yann Hodique <>
* config/bm-config.el: make package optional
2007-04-11 Yann Hodique <>
* icicles: package is now maintained separately
2007-04-09 Yann Hodique <>
* lib/magpie.el: initial checkin
* lib/javascript.el: initial checkin
* dotemacs-cust.el (custom-set-variables): disable auto update for ecb methods
* config/python-config.el: initial checkin
* config/cc-config.el: initial checkin
* config/bm-config.el: initial checkin
2007-03-07 Yann Hodique <>
* dotgnus.el: disable broken signature
* dotemacs.el: add code for using <Multi_key> as an alias for C-x 8
* config/buffer-config.el (ibuffer-saved-filter-groups): fix circe group
2007-02-08 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el: added useful wrapper to recursive-edit
* config/org-config.el (org-agenda): don't minimize ecb compilation window
2007-01-27 Yann Hodique <>
* lib/psvn.el: update from mainstream
* lib/outline-magic.el: initial checkin
* lib/lua-mode.el: initial checkin
* lib/blank-mode.el: initial checkin
* dotemacs.el (savehist): save kill-ring accross sessions
* custom/autoloads.el (autoload): autoload blanc-mode and predictive
* config/winring-config.el (eval-when-compile): fix compilation
* config/outline-config.el: initial checkin
* config/latex-config.el (outline-config): configure outline for LaTeX-mode
* config/buffer-config.el (eval-when-compile): fix compilation
2006-12-19 Yann Hodique <>
* lib/paredit.el: upgrade to latest beta
* dotemacs.el: add viewport scrolling
setup *scratch* buffer from the start
* custom/patches.el (add-mhook): add &optional arguments
* config/winring-config.el (winring): fix loading order
* config/lisp-config.el (yh/lisp-hook): remove reference to sexp hilighting
2006-12-12 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs-cust.el (custom-set-variables): ignore newlines in regexp searches
* custom/mycompletion.el (auto-insert-alist): fix C(++) headers
* config/winring-config.el: configuration for winring
2006-11-25 Yann Hodique <>
* custom/patches.el (backup-directory-alist): disable tramp backups
* lib/incr.el: initial checkin
2006-09-11 Yann Hodique <>
* lib/paredit.el: update to latest version
* dotemacs.el: write windmove bindings in an obfuscated way ;)
* custom/patches.el: fix strange behavior of mouse-insert-selection-internal
* config/circe-config.el (yh/lui-truncate): customize truncation
2006-08-03 Yann Hodique <>
* lib/psvn.el: new version
* lib/paredit.el: new version
* custom/patches.el: looks like RET does not work anymore in custom buffers...
* config/lisp-config.el (paredit): unbind the <modifier-left/right>
(slime-repl-mode-hook): use paredit
* config/circe-config.el (circe-command-RECOVER): add release...
(circe-clear): truncate buffer to lower value
2006-08-01 Yann Hodique <>
* lib/lib-loaddefs.el: updated to reflect cleanup
* dotgnus.el: using org-mode now
* dotemacs.el (minimal): load circe
* config/tabbar-config.el (yh/tabbar-buffer-groups): add case for IRC buffers
* config/circe-config.el: various hacks
2006-07-28 Yann Hodique <>
* config/circe-config.el: extended sorting tracking
(lui-track-set-modified-status): faces are optional
ported patches to newer circe
* config/slime-config.el (slime): install slime48
2006-07-19 Yann Hodique <>
* custom/patches.el (temporary-file-directory): bug fix
* config/slime-config.el: initial checkin
2006-07-06 Yann Hodique <>
* lib/icomplete+.el (read-from-minibuffer): fix arguments to comply with new signature
* config/compile-config.el: don't make compile-history buffer-local after all
* dotemacs.el: removing config for packages I don't use for now
more doc
* dotemacs-cust.el: remove semantic configuration
* custom/autoloads.el: xtla does not exist anymore
* config/latex-config.el (request): fix TeX-data-directory for my installation
2006-06-26 Yann Hodique <>
* lib/mime.el (mime-mode): remove faulty comment (bug in here)
* config/ediff-config.el (require): fix compilation issue
* config/compile-config.el: fix compilation issue
2006-06-25 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el ([insert]): undefine it
* perso/mycode.el: comment out problematic font-locking
* latex-style/beamer.el: initial checkin
2006-06-08 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el (kbd): C-c k is now irrelevant
(emms): new setup for emms 2
* config/lisp-config.el (yh/insert-elisp-key): function to ease key definition
2006-06-04 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/visual.el (default-frame-alist): leave only common configuration
(window-system-default-frame-alist): specific settings here
* config/org-config.el (org-insert-heading): advice this function instead
2006-05-30 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/physical-line.el: initial checkin
* perso/paredit.el: update to newest beta
2006-05-29 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el (org-config): load by default
trigger (org-agenda-list) at startup
(file-exists-p): absolute filenames in non-local config is *bad* :)
* config/planner-config.el (kbd): move keybindings to config file
* config/org-config.el: initial checkin.
* config/calendar-config.el: disable those useless holidays
(diary-cyclic-bounded): small variation of diary-cyclic
2006-05-05 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/tempo-c++.el (c-mode-common-hook): use common hook
* perso/paredit.el: initial checkin
* dotemacs.el: various fixes
* config/lisp-config.el (paredit-mode): activate paredit-mode
2006-03-19 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el: persistant scratch buffer
* dotemacs-cust.el (custom-set-variables): recursive minibuffer rocks, emacs is now more paranoid about local variables
2006-03-07 Yann Hodique <>
* icicles/: mirror icicles project here
2006-03-03 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/psvn.el: new version of psvn.el
* config/ido-config.el (ido): change-context (PVS) uses read-file-name
2006-02-09 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/scroll-in-place.el: initial checkin
2006-01-30 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el (try): macro for failing silently during arbitrary code invocation
(request): rewrite request using try
* perso/mycode.el (ffap-c-path): search in "standard" local directories
* dotemacs.el (request): make savehist optional for old config
(current-configuration): define configuration for theorem proving
(request): make type-break optional
* config/ido-config.el (request): make ido optional for old config
2005-12-14 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/mycode.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): no need to redefine it anymore
2005-12-10 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/mycode.el (php-mode-user-hook): use c-subword-mode
(c-mode-common-hook): use c-subword-mode
* perso/camelCase.el: removed (obsoleted by c-subword-mode)
* dotemacs.el (functionp): use global-hi-lock-mode
* config/ido-config.el (yh/ido-setup): reflect changes to ido-mode
2005-11-19 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el (open-line): fixed behavior for negative arg
* perso/mycode.el: use python-mode
* latex-style/sigmalog.el (LaTeX-sigmalog-install-syntactic-keywords): changed name for variable holding custom verbatim environments
* dotemacs.el: load version-specific .emacs files
(savehist): replaces save-history
disable desktop mode
use icicles instead of ido
(minimal): load muse before planner
* config/lisp-config.el: group common hooks for lisp modes
* config/compile-config.el (compile-command): make it buffer-local
* perso/remem.el: initial checkin
* perso/python-mode.el: initial checkin
* perso/py-complete.el: initial checkin
* perso/icicles.el: initial checkin
* config/icicles-config.el: initial checkin
* config/circe-config.el: initial checkin
2005-08-23 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el (request): don't break when slime's not there
* config/buffer-config.el (dired-load-hook): don't bind keys
2005-08-22 Yann Hodique <>
* config/ido-config.el: initial checkin
* perso/perso-misc.el (fc-eval-and-replace): add argument to prevent return value insertion (side-effect only)
* perso/patches.el (mapcond): new implementation relying on for loop
(scroll-margin): re-enables hack
* perso/icomplete+.el: don't interfere with minibuffer-completion-table (ido.el relies on it)
* latex-style/sigmalog.el: initial checkin
* latex-style/french.el: initial checkin
* dotemacs.el (scroll-margin): restore hack
* config/planner-config.el (planner-mode-map): keybindings for planner-task-cancelled
* config/muse-config.el: move some variables from customize
* config/latex-config.el (turn-on-reftex-if-available): protect reftex invocation
(tex): move some variables from customize
move some settings to auctex styles
* config/help-config.el: initial checkin
* config/erc-config.el (request): dispatch instructions in request scope
* config/emacs-wiki-config.el (require): load emacs-wiki
* config/ediff-config.el: pointless defcustom
* config/compile-config.el (compile-default-command): define default compile command
(dwim-compile-check): rewrite using loop
(compile-command): set to dwim-compile-command
* config/buffer-config.el (icomplete): enable icomplete+
2005-07-04 Yann Hodique <>
* config/planner-config.el: use planner-multi
* config/muse-config.el: publish xtla links
* config/latex-config.el:
(reftex): require it
* config/buffer-config.el: icomplete+ is incompatible with planner-multi
* perso/cheat-font-lock.el: initial checkin
* perso/action-lock.el: initial checkin
2005-06-24 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs-cust.el: various settings
* config/planner-config.el: new bindings
* config/muse-config.el: some experimental hacks
* config/latex-config.el:
(LaTeX-env-sigmalog): new environment
* config/erc-config.el: font-lock-fontify-block breaks fontification in erc buffers
2005-05-23 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): more erc customizations
* config/erc-config.el: custom erc prompt from bojohan
2005-05-21 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/rect-mark.el: don't bind S-mouse-1
* perso/ll-debug.el: initial checkin
* perso/grade.el: initial checkin
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): ido configuration. fix ignored files/directories. Use ido-read-directory-name for eddif commands
2005-05-14 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/zap-char.el: more autoloads
* perso/teyjus.el: more autoloads
* perso/perso-loaddefs.el: newly generated file for defining autoloads for this directory
* perso/misc.el: moved utils functions here, to be autoloaded
* perso/member-functions.el: more autoloads
* perso/map-lines.el: more autoloads
* perso/keytable.el: more autoloads
* perso/h4x0r.el: more autoloads
* perso/fold-dwim.el: more autoloads
* perso/cparen.el: more autoloads
* perso/camelCase-mode.el: more autoloads
* perso/bf.el: more autoloads
* perso/autoloads.el:
(perso-loaddefs): load this file prior to manual autoloads
* perso/autoloads+.el: new package: util functions for generating custom loaddefs
* dotemacs.el:
(current-configuration): define 'minimal configuration
(unless-configuration): more exclusion when under mailer instance
moved util functions to autoload
* config/compile-config.el: new config package
2005-05-13 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/autoloads.el:
(svn-status): load psvn-config instead
* config/psvn-config.el: initial checkin
* perso/patches.el:
(temporary-file-directory): set it inside home directory
* dotemacs.el:
(byte-compile-elisp): don't compile backup files
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): don't ask before saving abbrevs
* config/ediff-config.el:
(ediff-quit-hook): install my-ediff-qh at the end of hooks (fixes incorrect buffer deletion)
* perso/psvn.el:
updated to latest version (after my changes were incorporated)
(svn-log-edit-mode-map): don't bind C-c C-c when using log-edit-mode
(svn-status-get-specific-revision-internal): set temp file name in such a way that it is fontified
(svn-status-temp-dir): expand-file-name to avoid troubles
2005-05-12 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/psvn.el: updated to latest version from xsteve
* perso/autoloads.el:
(svn-status): switch back to original psvn.el since my hacks are accepted
* dotemacs.el:
(increment-number-at-point): allow prefix increment
2005-05-11 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(allout): use it
(anchored-transpose): use it
* config/lisp-config.el:
(guile-scheme-mode): more keywords
* perso/anchored-transpose.el: initial checkin
2005-04-28 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/visual.el:
(jit-lock): replaces deprecated lazy-lock
* dotemacs.el:
(fc-eval-and-replace): new function from forcer. bind it to C-c e
2005-04-26 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/psvn-hacked.el:
(svn-log-edit-files-to-commit): restore previously existing function
* perso/autoloads.el: more autoloads
* dotemacs.el:
(minimal): request planner-config here
* config/muse-config.el:
(request): only set options if possible
* config/highlight-changes-config.el:
(highlight-changes-config): fixed typo
* config/fracc-config.el:
(install-french-accent-mode-if-needed): require fracc inside the function
2005-04-25 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/autoloads.el:
(irc): autoload erc-config
* dotemacs.el:
(type-break): activate it to fight RSI :/
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): erc settings
* config/erc-config.el:
(erc-autojoin-channels): use a custom version to support password protected channels
(irc): move away personal settings to .emacs-local
2005-04-23 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/psvn.el: updated to latest version from xsteve
* dotemacs.el:
(kbd): use "C-c +" as binding for increment-number-at-point
* config/planner-config.el:
(planner-bookmark): use it
2005-04-20 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(increment-number-at-point): new function, based on a version from Alex Schröder
* config/planner-config.el:
(planner-bibtex): use it
(planner-xtla): use it
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): dot should generate .ps files by default, read quoted char in hex
2005-04-19 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el:
(yh/collapse-home-directory): new util function
* dotemacs.el:
(xtla): use xtla for arch repositories
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): use w3m as default browser
(custom-set-variables): close planner files automatically, some xtla settings
* config/planner-config.el:
(planner-annotation-format-local-file-name): use the new yh/collapse-home-directory
(planner-w3m): use w3m for web url handling
2005-04-18 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): don't use another window for planner
2005-04-17 Yann Hodique <>
* config/planner-config.el:
removed buggy hacks
(planner-log-edit): re-enable, with flush hack
* dotemacs.el:
(global-set-key): some keys for task creation
* dotgnus.el:
(planner-directory): set planner-directory since it has been dropped from planner-config
* perso/psvn-hacked.el: updated to latest version from xsteve
2005-04-12 Yann Hodique <>
* config/ediff-config.el: differ some initializations
* config/planner-config.el:
(planner-log-edit): use planner-log-edit to track commits
(planner-log-edit-flush-lines-list): flush svn comments before commit
removed useless old code
(planner-config): planner-log-edit does not seem stable enough
* config/muse-config.el:
(muse-mode-highlight-p): re-enable colors in muse files
2005-04-05 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el: use generic-x for common configuration files
* dotemacs.el:
(minimal): new config file for vc-related operations
(auto-mode-alist): add .djava (dynamic java) extension to java-mode
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): added some ecb settings
* config/vc-config.el: initial checkin
2005-02-14 Yann Hodique <>
* config/latex-config.el: new environments for slides
(my-LaTeX-hook): externalize this hook
* config/changelog-config.el:
(yh/project-changelog-file): usual name is ChangeLog
* dotemacs.el:
(de-context-kill): don't throw an error, return to label instead
2005-04-01 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el: suppress annoying advice
* perso/mycode.el:
(c-guess-basic-syntax): reenable this line (really don't understand... :/)
* dotemacs.el: do not debug-on-error by default
(diff-buffer-with-associated-file): new util function
(global-set-key): change meaning of C-x k to diff when unsaved
2005-03-28 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/psvn-hacked.el:
(svn-status-get-specific-revision-internal): "svn cat -r BASE" should really be a local operation. I don't want files to be created in my working directories.
(svn-ediff-exit-hook): don't emit errors at this point, since it causes buffers not to be deleted
(svn-status-line-info->lastchangerev): attempt to fix error message after commit
* config/ediff-config.el:
(yh/install-ediff-changelog-keys): anonymous lambda expressions seems to be troublesome
2005-03-20 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/tempo-c++.el: new macros for c++ "for iterator"
2005-03-18 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/visual.el: use file-name-shadow-mode
2005-02-14 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/mycompletion.el:
(gpl-header): updated gpl-header so that it fits well with doxygen
* dotemacs-cust.el:
moved semanticdb stuff to setq-default
* config/lisp-config.el:
(guile-scheme-mode): added "defface" to guile keywords (QNet2 project)
(auto-mode-alist): open .scm files with guile-scheme
2005-01-24 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/mycode.el:
(my-c-mode-common-hook): add M-RET to continue a comment, make Qt accesse valid
redefine c-guess-basic-syntax to honor Qt-related changes
2005-01-23 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el:
(mapcond): fixed some bugs
more documentation strings
* dotemacs.el:
suppressed special frame for compilation buffers
more documentation strings
dwim-compile utilities
(kbd): use kbd for keybindings
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): more reftex settings
* config/tabbar-config.el:
(yh/tabbar-inhibit-function): moved here from dotemacs.el
2005-01-19 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/multi-region.el:
new version
2005-01-17 Yann Hodique <>
* config/cedet-config.el:
disable semantic-load-turn-useful-things-on
2005-01-16 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(minimal): use completion-config from now
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): use partial-completion-mode, fix desktop usage
* config/completion-config.el:
initial checkin, completion-related stuff
* SConstruct:
begin using scons to maintain my config
2005-01-13 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el:
(uniquify): endly... the end of those buffer<2>
2005-01-10 Yann Hodique <>
* dotgnus.el:
(gnus-agent): activated
(gnus-select-article-hook): activate caching...
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): gnus should cache anything it can
* config/muse-config.el:
(muse-mode-highlight-p): highlighting is too buggy to be useful. Maybe investigate this later
* config/fracc-config.el:
re-enabled fracc
2005-01-07 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el:
(backup-by-copying): preserve links after modifications
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): muse settings for charsets
2005-01-06 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(global-set-key): set M-DEL to kill-syntax-backward
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): suppress changelog indentation
* config/fracc-config.el:
autoload problem. let it work now, investigate later
2005-01-02 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
more experimental stuff
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-faces): make faces more usable on dark background
* config/:
initial checkin, new directory for configuration code
* perso/psvn-hacked.el:
initial checkin, new version of psvn for log-edit usage
* perso/elect-mbuf.el:
initial checkin
* perso/autoloads.el:
separate autoloads for byte-compilation
2004-12-04 Yann Hodique <>
* dotgnus.el:
(nbc-nnir): set it to nil
2004-12-02 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/bst.el:
(bst-font-lock-keywords): fixed parse error
* dotemacs.el:
(alt): use this modifier for windmove-default-keybindings
(icomplete): more completions
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): ECB vc integration
2004-11-21 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(dired-mode-map): delay binding
* dotemacs.el:
(dired-load-hook): use ediff from dired
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): omit only . (not ..) in dired mode
2004-11-19 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/graphviz-dot-mode.el:
initial checkin
* perso/fold-dwim.el:
initial checkin
* perso/psvn.el:
new version
* dotemacs.el:
(dired-mode-map): bind "C-c C-c" to wdired mode
(kbd): typo
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): allow wdired to change permissions
2004-10-27 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(abbrev-mode): use it in LaTeX-mode
(server): in case one wants to use emacs on background
(global-set-key): suppress speedbar key, add cvs ones
(auto-mode-alist): muse files
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): break lines in a smarter way
2004-10-13 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(fill-column): set it to 79, you idiot! :)
(custom-set-faces): modify tabbar faces
* dotemacs.el:
perform debug on error
(sh-mode): more colors
2004-10-09 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(kill-syntax-forward): new function form Alex Schröder
(kill-syntax-backward): new function form Alex Schröder
2004-10-05 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
use utf-8 as default coding system
use flashcards
* perso/flashcard.el:
initial checkin
2004-09-29 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/tabbar.el:
update to 1.3 version
* dotemacs.el:
(muse): make it work (find better later)
(yh/tabbar-inhibit-function): new inhibition function for tabbar
replace mtorus by tabbar
(lispy): autoload
(fracc-mode): autoload
(crontab-mode): autoload
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): set tramp-default-method-alist in a better way for ftp
(custom-set-variables): local info repository, more inhibition for tabbar
(custom-set-faces): change inactive tabbar face
2004-09-26 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/remember-config.el:
removed useless dependency to planner-rss
* perso/planner-config.el:
removed useless dependency to diary, don't load bbdb or gnus until really needed
* perso/mycompletion.el:
removed useless dependency to template
* perso/mycode.el:
removed useless dependency to cc-cmds
* perso/emacs-wiki-config.el:
removed useless dependency to w3m
* perso/visual.el:
initial checkin
* dotemacs.el:
(muse-mode): autoload it
(project): properly request it
(visual): use it
(time-stamp): make proper use of it
(c-mode-common-hook): autoload doxymacs
(autoload): more autoloads
re-enabled html configuration
reduced loading time from 8 to 2.5 seconds. YEAH !
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): reuse sections for ChangeLogs
(custom-set-variables): use JavaDoc-style doxygen
(custom-set-faces): change default mmm-submode background
moved visual stuff to it's own package
2004-09-22 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el:
add code for showing mark position
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-faces): differentiate string and doc
* perso/planner-config.el:
(planner-publishing-directory): don't trash my public_html
* dotgnus.el:
(gnus-add-configuration): info buffers
* dotemacs.el:
(set-scroll-margin): do not scroll in *Calendar*
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): do not hl-line in *Calendar*
2004-09-20 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/planner-config.el:
new binding for editing the task description
* dotemacs.el
(color-eldoc): use it for better eldoc help
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): don't popup me
* perso/color-eldoc.el:
initial checkin
* dotgnus.el:
(bbdb/send-hook): use it
2004-09-19 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/planner-config.el:
new function to reuse same window if possible
* dotemacs.el:
(read-file-name-completion-ignore-case): set to t
longlines definitely sucks
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-faces): unify latex faces with default ones
2004-09-16 Yann Hodique <>
* dotgnus.el:
more window configuration
launch calendar and planner at startup
more reftex stuff
* dotemacs.el
(planner-config): re-enabled
* perso/emacs-wiki-config.el:
update to latest sacahc's version
* perso/planner-config.el:
update to latest sacahc's version
* perso/remember-config.el:
initial checkin
2004-09-15 Yann Hodique <>
* dotgnus.el:
don't use newsrc
(gnus-add-configuration): try this config
* dotemacs.el:
(make-main-frame): make the current frame the main one
(chmod-file): remove useless function (see executable-chmod)
* dotgnus.el:
(server-start): start server automatically when using gnus
2004-09-14 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(kill-read-only-ok): don't beep when "killing" in read-only
(tramp): use the correct package
2004-09-10 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(longlines): re-enabled with refill-mode
* perso/patches.el:
(scroll-preserve-screen-position): set to t
2004-09-09 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(multi-region-map): change keybinding (conflicted with usefull ones in LaTeX-mode)
2004-09-08 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(doxymacs): workaround doxymacs-font-lock bug
(my-LaTeX-hook): longlines is annoying as is, fix it later
use muse if available
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(font-lock-keys-face): fix default foreground
* perso/xcscope.el:
initial checkin
2004-09-07 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(ispell-program-name): use aspell
use extended buffer menu
* perso/def-face-const.el:
initial checkin
* perso/buff-menu+.el:
initial checkin
2004-09-06 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/tc.el:
(tc-max-lines): move declaration to prevent warning
* dotemacs.el:
(require): more lispy extension
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): trivial-cite settings
* perso/hl-line-hack.el:
(global-hl-line-hack-mode): do not toggle any more
2004-08-30 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/timerfunctions.el:
initial checkin
2004-08-28 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/xterm-extras.el:
(xterm-extra-extra-keys): make DEL key work better
* perso/tempo-lisp.el:
* perso/tempo-c++.el:
* perso/project.el:
initial checkin
* perso/pod.el:
(pod-subseq): make it work
* perso/patches.el:
reordering, renaming
(mapcond): new function
(clear-hook): new function
(facep): re-enabled face generation for minibuffer if needed
* perso/mycompletion.el:
* perso/idledo.el:
initial checkin
* perso/mycode.el:
more requirements, some reordering
(c-mode-common-hook): refactoring
* perso/dircolors.el:
remove useless code
* emacs.d/emacs-d-vars.el:
remove lots of unused variables
* dotgnus.el:
more formatting, some renaming and reordering
* dotemacs.el:
more formatting, some renaming and reordering
(longlines): use longlines in latex mode
new section: parenthesis configuration
new section: lisp languages
(find-file-guessing): don't open file automatically
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): remove useless settings
(facep): add a test to inhibit useless face definition
(custom-set-faces): more settings
2004-08-10 Yann Hodique <>
* dotgnus.el:
(tc): fix missing requirements
2004-08-04 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
request new file: lispy-h4x0r
(find-file-guessing): bugfix, call ffap
(h4x0r-string): autoload this function
2004-08-02 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(simplify-blank-lines): advice was a bad idea
switched again to standard keybindings
2004-07-29 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(highlight-changes-enable-hook): prevent buffer to be marked as modified when removing highlighting
pmwiki configuration
* perso/pmwiki-mode.el:
initial checkin
* perso/http-post.el:
initial checkin
* perso/http-get.el:
initial checkin
2004-07-28 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(emacs-lisp-mode): more highlighting
more autoloads
* perso/rrc.el:
initial checkin
* dotemacs.el:
suppress useless bindings
2004-07-27 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/mycode.el:
remove tons of unused code
* dotemacs.el:
move keys from mycode.el
* perso/tempo-c++.el:
("c-include"): fix template basis
("c-ifdef"): fix template basis
("c-ifndef"): fix template basis
* perso/patches.el:
(add-mhook): add same hook to multiple modes
* perso/page-break.el:
(page-break-mode): add autoload
* perso/mycompletion.el:
(gpl-header): move here, where it is needed
* emacs.d/emacs-d-vars.el:
suppress useless code
(provide): allow require
* dotemacs.el:
(emacs-d-vars): use request instead of load-file
(request): remove useless #
disable delete-trailing-whitespace
more autoloads
2004-07-23 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el:
(backup-directory-alist): autosaves settings are better here for quick use.
* dotemacs-cust.el:
suppressed the autosaves settings
2004-07-20 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
make use of request instead of require when possible
* perso/setnu.el:
initial checkin
* perso/pod.el:
initial checkin
* perso/patches.el:
(match-paren): renamed after emacswiki
2004-07-19 Yann Hodique <>
* dotgnus.el:
(nnir): use it :)
* dotemacs.el: use gnus as default mailer
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): don't ask before saving eshell history, set preview-latex options
* perso/patches.el:
suppress backups hack
(defmadvice): customize advice name
reimplement buffer switching fix with defmadvice
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): customized backup directory
2004-07-15 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(request): remove paragraph justification
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): excluded tramp files from recentf, save in ~/.emacs-recentf
* perso/xterm-extras.el:
version update
* perso/mycode.el:
fixed mess in this file (cvs bug?)
* dotemacs.el:
(hi-lock-mode): reactivate
2004-07-14 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(emacs-lisp-mode): added some keywords to emacs-lisp-mode
* perso/patches.el:
(request): moved here
(defmadvice): new macro for duplicating advices over multiple functions
* dotemacs.el:
(request): replace obsoleted code
2004-07-12 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/mycode.el:
general cleanup
* dotemacs.el:
(make-double-command): use (declare) in macro
(my-home): new command, bound to C-Home
(my-end): new command, bound to C-End
(emacs-lisp-mode-map): bind C-c C-c to emacs-lisp-byte-compile
general cleanup
* perso/patches.el:
(yank-rpop): go forward in kill ring for yanking (bound to M-Y)
* perso/mycode.el:
(camille-c-style): change arg list continuation
(c++-new-font-lock-keywords): better description
* perso/h4x0r.el:
(h4x0r-sometimes-replace): new way of writing r
* dotemacs.el:
(hi-lock-mode): disabled
(global-visible-mark-mode): disable
(htmlize-many-files-dired): add autoload
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom-set-variables): prevent eshell to cycle completions
2004-07-02 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el:
activate every disabled command
* perso/margin.el:
initial checkin
2004-06-30 Yann Hodique <>
* dotgnus.el:
(fortune-program): set to /usr/games/fortune
* perso/patches.el:
(erase-buffer): re-enabled command
2004-06-23 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/dabbrev-hover.el:
initial checkin
2004-06-21 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(request): 'saveplace has to be explicitely loaded
(c-mode-common-hook): fixed some bug when using conflict resolution on c++
* dotemacs-cust.el:
(custom): set limit to 100 saved places
* dotemacs.el:
(request): load saveplace
* perso/undo-browse.el:
initial checkin
2004-06-20 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/mycode.el:
useless code suppression
* perso/visible-mark-mode.el:
(visible-mark-move-overlay): fixed function when visible-mark-overlay is null
* dotemacs.el:
(find-file-guessing): new function to wrap find-file
(kbd): use find-file-guessing with C-x C-f, suppress H-x H-f
(ediff-keymap-setup-hook): solved conflict in keybindings
* emacs.d/emacs-d-vars.el:
initial checkin
* emacs.d/emacs-d-classes.el:
initial checkin
* dotemacs-cust.el:
initial checkin
* dotgnus.el:
use cvs Id.
* dotemacs.el:
use cvs Id.
* perso/mycode.el
(header-source): make it able to find files in other standard directories
(c++-mode-hook): call expand-member-functions with complete filenames
* perso/member-functions.el:
(expand-member-functions): make it work with absolute path files
fixed indentation :)
* perso/patches.el:
(split-window-vertically): replaced by advice
(split-window-horizontally): replaced by advice
added some documentation
(switch-to-buffer): packed the previous implementation, made advices
* dotemacs.el:
save place by default
* perso/visible-mark-mode.el:
(visible-mark-move-overlay): fixed nullMarkerException ;)
(global-visible-mark-mode-exclude-alist): new list of exceptions for global mode
(visible-mark-mode-maybe): new check for global mode
(global-visible-mark-mode): use visible-mark-mode-maybe, fixed :group
2004-06-19 Yann Hodique <>
* dotemacs.el:
(request): use global-visible-mark-mode
(add-change-log-entry): advice add-change-log-entry to use custom ChangeLog
* perso/visible-mark-mode.el:
new module, by forcer and hacked by me
* perso/erc-config.el:
initial checkin
* dotemacs.el:
(ediff): added ediff configuration
(request): preview-latex fix
(make-double-command): new usefull macro from emacswiki
(totd): new command for fun
(init): added winring support for ecb
(erc-config): new module
(request): replaced 'if by 'when when (or if :)) possible
(ediff-add-changelog): added the ability to create changelog from diffs
(yh-project-changelog-file): compute changelog file from project path
(ediff-add-changelog): override default changelog file
2004-06-17 Yann Hodique <>
* perso/patches.el:
(message): added advice to disable messages when using the minibuffer
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