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;;; erbc2.el --- mostly: special functions for erbc.el
;; Time-stamp: <2007-11-23 11:30:12 deego>
;; Copyright (C) 2003 D. Goel
;; Emacs Lisp Archive entry
;; Filename: erbc2.el
;; Package: erbc2
;; Author: D. Goel <>
;; Keywords:
;; Version:
;; URL:
;; This file is NOT (yet) part of GNU Emacs.
;; This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; This is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;; Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
;; this gile contains yet more functions for fs-. The functions
;; here shall tend to be "specially defined" ones.
(defconst erbc2-version "0.0dev")
;;; Requires:
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
;;; Code:
(defcustom erbc2-before-load-hooks nil
"Hooks to run before loading erbc2."
:group 'erbc2)
(defcustom erbc2-after-load-hooks nil
"Hooks to run after loading erbc2."
:group 'erbc2)
(run-hooks 'erbc2-before-load-hooks)
;;; Real Code:
(defvar erbn-while-max 10000)
(defvar erbn-while-ctr 0)
(defmacro fs-while (cond &rest body)
((erbn-while-ctr 0))
;; this should enable the with-timeout checks..
(sleep-for 0.01)
(if (> erbn-while-ctr erbn-while-max)
(error "Max while iterations exceeded: %S"
(incf erbn-while-ctr)
(defmacro fs-dotimes (spec &rest body)
(sleep-for 0.01)
(defun fsi-set-difference (a b)
(set-difference a b))
(defun fsi-pp (&optional foo &rest bar)
(pp foo))
(defvar erbn-tmp-avar nil)
(defvar erbn-tmp-newargs nil)
(defun erbn-apply-sandbox-args-old (args)
((= (length args) 0) nil)
((= (length args) 1)
(if (equal (caar args) 'quote) args
(mapcar 'erblisp-sandbox-quoted args)))
(cons (erblisp-sandbox-quoted (car args))
(erbn-apply-sandbox-args (cdr args))))))
(defun erbn-apply-sandbox-args (args)
((not (listp args))
(erblisp-sandbox args))
((= (length args) 0) nil)
(mapcar 'erblisp-sandbox args))))
(defvar erbn-apptmpa)
(defvar erbn-apptmpb)
(defvar erbn-apptmpc)
(defvar erbn-apptmpd)
(defvar erbn-tmpsymbolp)
(defmacro fs-apply (fcnsym &rest args)
(when erbot-paranoid-p
(error "This function is disabled: erbot-paranoid-p"))
(unless fcnsym (error "No function to fs-apply!"))
(let (erbn-tmpargs
(erbn-tmplen (length args))
erbn-tmpspecialp ;; denotes: NIL: no arguments at all.
erbn-tmpnoinitialp ;; denotes the case when the len args =1..
((= (length args) 0)
(setq erbn-tmpspecialp t))
((= (length args) 1)
(setq erbn-tmpnoinitialp t)))
((null args)
(setq erbn-tmpargs nil)
(setq erbn-tmplastargs nil)
(setq erbn-tmpspecialp nil))
(setq erbn-tmpargs
(append (subseq args 0 (- erbn-tmplen 1))))
(setq erbn-tmplastargs
(first (last args)))))
(setq erbn-tmpargs (erbn-apply-sandbox-args erbn-tmpargs))
(setq erbn-tmplastargs
(if (and (listp erbn-tmplastargs)
(equal (car erbn-tmplastargs) 'quote))
(erbn-apply-sandbox-args erbn-tmplastargs)))
((listp fcnsym)
(setq fcnsym (erblisp-sandbox-quoted fcnsym)))
((symbolp fcnsym)
(setq fcnsym (erblisp-sandbox-quoted fcnsym)))
(t (error "No clue how to apply that. ")))
`(apply (erblisp-sandbox-quoted ,fcnsym) nil))
`(apply (erblisp-sandbox-quoted ,fcnsym) ,erbn-tmplastargs))
`(apply (erblisp-sandbox-quoted ,fcnsym) ,@erbn-tmpargs ,erbn-tmplastargs)))))
;; (defmacro fs-apply-old (fcnsym &rest args)
;; (error "This function is old.")
;; (unless fcnsym (error "No function to fs-apply!"))
;; (let (erbn-tmpargs
;; (erbn-tmplen (length args))
;; erbn-tmpnewargs
;; )
;; (cond
;; ((null args)
;; (setq erbn-tmpargs nil))
;; (t
;; (setq erbn-tmpargs
;; (append (subseq args 0 (- erbn-tmplen 1))
;; (last args)))))
;; (let* (
;; (erbn-tmp-newargs (erbn-apply-sandbox-args erbn-tmpargs))
;; (erbn-tmp-newlen (length erbn-tmp-newargs)))
;; (cond
;; ((listp fcnsym)
;; (setq fcnsym (erblisp-sandbox-quoted fcnsym)))
;; ((symbolp fcnsym)
;; (setq fcnsym (erblisp-sandbox-quoted fcnsym)))
;; (t (error "No clue how to apply that. ")))
;; `(let ((erbn-tmp-avar ,fcnsym))
;; (cond
;; ((symbolp erbn-tmp-avar)
;; (setq erbn-tmp-avar
;; (erblisp-sandbox-quoted erbn-tmp-avar)))
;; (t "nada"))
;; ,(if (= erbn-tmp-newlen 0)
;; `(apply erbn-tmp-avar nil)
;; `(apply erbn-tmp-avar ,@erbn-tmp-newargs nil))))))
(defmacro fs-funcall (symbol &rest args)
`(fs-apply ,symbol ,@args nil))
;; hm, what is this? Was it me? silly me.. Why did I do this??
(defalias 'fs-function 'identity)
(defvar erbn-read-mode nil)
(defvar erbn-read-input nil)
(defvar fs-internal-botread-prompt "Enter: ")
(defun fsi-botread (&optional prompt)
(unless prompt (setq prompt fs-internal-botread-prompt))
(erbot-reply (concat prompt "") proc nick tgt msg nil))
(setq fs-internal-botread-prompt "Enter: ")
(setq erbn-read-mode t)
(not erbn-read-input)
(sleep-for 0.1)
(sit-for 0.1))
(let ((input erbn-read-input))
(setq erbn-read-input nil)
(setq erbn-read-mode nil)
(defun fsi-dun-mprinc (str)
(erbot-reply str proc nick tgt msg nil))
(setq fs-internal-botread-prompt str))
(defun fsi-botread-feed-internal (str)
(setq erbn-read-input str)
"Thanks for feeding the read-line. Msg obtained: %s"
(setq erbn-read-mode nil)
;; i love this thing.. just no time to finish this yet..
;;; (defvar erbn-calsmart-tmp-expr nil)
;;; (defvar erbn-calsmart-tmp-exprb nil)
;;; (defvar erbn-calsmart-tmp-exprc nil)
;;; (defvar erbn-calsmart-tmp-error nil)
;;; (defmacro fs-calsmart (&rest exprs)
;; "This will insert parenthesis appropriately, so you can type stuff
;; like , c + 2 3 4 - 3 4 * 3 4 5 (- 2 3)
;; and fsbot will try parenthesis at appropriate places until the
;; resulting expression makes sense .. "
;;; (require 'choose)
;;; (case (length exprs)
;;; ((1) `(car ,exprs))
;;; (t
;;; `(choose-with
;;; (let* (
;;; (erbn-calsmart-tmp-expr expr)
;;; (erbn-calsmart-tmp-exprb
;;; (erbn-calsmart-break-expr erbn-calsmart-tmp-expr))
;;; (erbn-calsmart-tmp-exprc
;;; (choose (list erbn-calsmart-expr
;;; erbn-calsmart-tmp-exprb)))
;;; )
;;; (cond
;;; (erbn-calsmart-tmp-exprb
;;; (condition-case erbn-calsmart-tmp-error
;;; (eval erbn-calsmart-tmp-exprc)
;;; (error (choose-fail))))
;;; ;; couldn't break.. just do the normal thing.
;;; (t (eval erbn-calsmart-tmp-expr))))))))
;;; (defun erbn-calsmart-break-expr (expr)
;;; "Expr is a list, which we intend to break. WE prefer breaking such
;;; that the broken function gets 2 arguments.
;;; We want to rewrap everything by erbn-calsmart, so things get broken
;;; further..
(defun fsi-bash-specific-quote (&optional number &rest ignored)
"NUMBER need not be jsut NUMBER. Any argument to
bash-specific-quotes, like random, should work."
(require 'bash-quotes)
(let (aa bb bashstr)
(unless number
(setq number "random"))
(bash-specific-quote (format "%s" number))
(sit-for 5)
;; (let (aa bb)
;; (set-buffer "*bash*")
;; (goto-char (point-min))
;; (setq aa (search-forward "--------" nil t))
;; (forward-line 1)
;; (setq aa (search-forward "--------" nil t))
;; (forward-line 1)
;; (setq aa (point))
;; (setq bb (search-forward "--------" nil t))
;; (forward-line -1)
;; (setq bb (point))
;; (when (and aa bb)
;; (buffer-substring-no-properties aa bb)))
(set-buffer "*bash*")
(setq bashstr (erbutils-buffer-string))
(insert bashstr)
(goto-char (point-min))
(setq aa (search-forward-regexp "^--------" nil t))
(forward-line 1)
(setq aa (search-forward-regexp "^--------" nil t))
(forward-line 1)
(setq aa (point))
(setq bb (search-forward-regexp "^--------" nil t))
(forward-line -1)
(setq bb (point))
(if (and aa bb)
(buffer-substring-no-properties aa bb)
"No result"))))
(defalias 'fsi-bsc 'fs-bash-specific-quote)
(defalias 'fs-bash-quote 'fs-bash-specific-quote)
(defalias ' 'fs-bash-specific-quote)
;;(defalias 'fs-bash 'fs-bash-specific-quote)
(defalias 'fsi-lexical-let 'lexical-let)
(provide 'erbc2)
(run-hooks 'erbc2-after-load-hooks)
;;; erbc2.el ends here
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