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;;; erbim.el --- input method searching
;; Time-stamp: <2006-08-22 01:16:17 fledermaus>
;; Copyright (C) 2006 V. Dasmohapatra
;; Emacs Lisp Archive entry
;; Filename: erbim.el
;; Package: erbim
;; Author: V. Dasmohapatra <>
;; Keywords:
;; Version:
;; URL:
;; For latest version:
(require 'quail)
(require 'iso-transl)
(defvar erbim-keymaps-map nil
"Storage for the inverted keymaps for the input methods we have searched.")
(defun erbim-enc (thing)
"Standard encoding for all strings (many chars don't work in an emacs
running screen, so chars and unencoded strings may not be safe or work)."
(encode-coding-string thing 'utf-8))
(defun erbim-c2s (thing)
"map a character to the appropriate string. This is not a straightforward
operation using char-to-string (for some reason)."
(if (> 256 thing) (single-key-description thing) (char-to-string thing)))
(defun erbim-map (map)
"Traverse the input method's MAP, invert it, and return that."
(let ((char-map nil))
(mapc (lambda (M) (erbim-map-internal M "")) (cdr map)) char-map))
(defun erbim-interpret-target (target)
"Examine the TARGET of a given input method map entry and turn it
into a list of (unencoded) strings.\n
Destinations can be symbols (keyboard macros) vectors of strings or
vectors of characters, or a cons of the form (LIST . TARGET)."
;;(message "target %S" target)
(if (vectorp target)
(mapcar (lambda (T) (if (integerp T) (erbim-c2s T) T)) target)
(if (and (listp target) (listp (car target)))
(progn (message "weird target: %S" target)
(erbim-interpret-target (cdr target)))
(if (symbolp target)
(and (fboundp target)
(and (vectorp (symbol-function target))
(erbim-interpret-target (symbol-function target)) ))
(list (if (integerp target) (string target) target)) )) ))
(defun erbim-map-internal (map &optional so-far)
"Does the actual work of `erbim-map'."
(let ((iseq-str
(format (if (symbolp (car map)) "%s %S " "%s%c") (or so-far "")
(car map)))
(tgt nil)
(tail nil))
;;(message "%S %S" map so-far)
(setq tgt (cdr map))
(if (setq tgt (or (car-safe tgt)
(and (vectorp tgt) tgt)
(and (symbolp tgt) tgt)))
;;(message "tgt: %S" tgt)
(setq char-map
(append char-map
(lambda (T) (cons (erbim-enc T) iseq-str))
(erbim-interpret-target tgt)) ))
(when (and (listp (cdr map)) (setq tail (cddr map)))
(if (listp (cdar tail))
(erbim-map-internal (car tail) iseq-str)
;;(message "path B: %S" tail)
(mapcar (lambda (M) (erbim-map-internal M iseq-str)) tail)) ))
(when (listp (cdr map))
(lambda (M) (erbim-map-internal M iseq-str)) (cddr map))) ) ))
(defun erbim-package-list ()
"Return the list of input methods that erbim can understand.
iso-transl is not exactly an input method, but it is a special case."
(cons "iso-transl"
(mapcar (lambda (I) (if (eq (caddr I) 'quail-use-package) (car I)))
input-method-alist) ))
(defun erbim-keymap-map (im)
"Return the inside-out keymap for input method IM (IM is a string)."
(or (cdr (assoc im erbim-keymaps-map))
(let ( (map (erbim-map
(nth 2 (assoc im quail-package-alist)))) )
(setq erbim-keymaps-map (cons (cons im map) erbim-keymaps-map)) map) ))
(defun where-is-char (c &optional im-list)
"Given a string C (usually, but not always, one character (but NOT
necessarily one byte)) in length, search the input methods in either IM-LIST
or `erbim-package-list' and return a help string describing the key sequences
\(per input method) that can be used to enter C."
;; assume we got a string: char functions are broken in fsbot becuase of
;; some screen/emacs/terminal black magic (which I do not understand)
;; so we cannot use (aref string 0) or string-to-char reliably.
(let ((char (erbim-enc c))
(res nil)
(qsec nil))
(mapc (lambda (Q)
;; exclude chinese-* methods (too big) and misc problematic ones:
(when (and Q
(not (string-match "^chinese-" Q))
(not (member Q '("tibetan-wylie" ;; too big?
;; "greek-ibycus4" ;; ok actually
)) ))
;; load the input method if it's not iso-transl (special case)
;; and we haven't already done so:
(or (equal Q "iso-transl")
(or (assoc Q quail-package-alist)
(activate-input-method Q)) ))
(message "checking %s" Q)
;; check to see if we have a quail package (iso-transl is
;; not a quail package, don't check for it here):
(when (or (equal Q "iso-transl") (assoc Q quail-package-alist))
;;(message "%s keymap - %d" Q (length (erbim-keymap-map Q)))
;; extract the inverse keymap if there is one, and pull
;; out the first entry for the char we are looking for:
(when (setq qsec (assoc char (erbim-keymap-map Q)))
;;(message "found sequence %s" qsec)
(setq res (cons (cons Q (cdr qsec)) res)) )) ))
(or im-list (erbim-package-list)))
;; feed the results to the user (if there are lots of input methods,
;; just list the input methods instead):
(if (> (length res) 10)
(format "%s is in the following input methods:\n%s"
c (mapconcat 'car res " "))
(lambda (R)
(if (equal (car R) "iso-transl")
(mapconcat 'identity
(cons "C-x 8" (split-string (cdr R) "")) " ")
(format "%s: %s" (car R) (cdr R)) )) res "\n")) ))
(defun fsi-where-is-char (&optional key &rest im-list)
(let ((imlist nil)
(key (if key (if (symbolp key) (symbol-name key) key) nil)))
(if key (where-is-char key (mapcar 'symbol-name im-list))
;; load iso-transl's inverted keymap
(add-to-list 'erbim-keymaps-map
(cons "iso-transl" (erbim-map iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map)))
;; Unicode information functions:
(defvar erbim-unidata-file "/usr/share/perl/5.8.4/unicore/UnicodeData.txt")
(defun erbim-name-by-character (thing)
(let ((char (if (stringp thing) (string-to-char thing) thing))
(unicode nil))
(setq unicode
(when (or (< char 256)
(memq 'coding-category-utf-8
(mapcar 'coding-system-category
(find-coding-systems-string thing))))
(encode-char char 'ucs)) )
(erbim-name-by-codepoint unicode)) )
(defun erbim-name-by-codepoint (codepoint)
(let ((cpstring (format "%04X" codepoint))
(unidata (find-file-noselect erbim-unidata-file)))
(with-current-buffer unidata
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (re-search-forward (concat "^" cpstring ";\\([^;]*\\);") nil t)
(format "#x%s: %s" cpstring (match-string 1))
(format "Unknown character #x%s" cpstring) )) ))
(defun erbim-search-by-description (pat)
(let ( (unidata (find-file-noselect erbim-unidata-file))
(pattern nil)
(case-fold-search t)
(count 0)
(limit 10)
(found nil)
(char nil)
(cp nil)
(matches nil))
(setq pattern (replace-regexp-in-string "^\\^\\|\\$$" "" pat)
(concat "^\\([0-9A-F]+\\);\\(" (if (eq (aref pat 0) ?^) "" "[^;]*")
(if (eq (aref pat (1- (length pat))) ?$) "" "[^;]*") "\\);"))
(with-current-buffer unidata
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward pattern nil t)
(when (< (setq count (1+ count)) limit)
(setq cp (string-to-int (match-string 1) #x10)
char (or (decode-char 'ucs cp) ?�)
found (format "#x%04x (%c): %s" cp char (match-string 2))
matches (cons found matches)) )) )
(if (< count limit)
(mapconcat 'identity (nreverse matches) "\n")
(format "Too many matches (%d) for %S" count pat)) ))
(defun fs-unicode-find (&optional pattern)
(if pattern (erbim-search-by-description pattern)
(defun fs-unicode-describe (&optional thing)
(cond ((not thing) "Usage: unicode-describe <CODEPOINT-INTEGER | CHARACTER>")
((integerp thing) (erbim-name-by-codepoint thing))
((symbolp thing) (erbim-name-by-character (symbol-name thing)))
(thing (erbim-name-by-character thing)) ))
;; trigger the preprocessing of the rest of the input methods:
(where-is-char "x")
(provide 'erbim)
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