about support mutlibyte character #11

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when the contents or description of the gist contains multi-byte character the response buffer will got unreadable character.
The following code seems to solve this problem for me.

(defun gh-api-set-response (status retry-data)

  ;; support mutlibyte character
  (set-buffer-multibyte t)

  (destructuring-bind (api req transform resp num) retry-data
    (condition-case err
        (gh-api-response-init resp (current-buffer) transform)
       (if (or (null num) (zerop num))
           (signal (car err) (cdr err))
         (logito:info api "Retrying request %s %s"
                      (oref req :method) (oref req :url))
         (let ((num (1- num)))
           (gh-api-run-request api req transform resp num)))))))


should be ok in v0.6.1

@sigma sigma closed this Mar 3, 2013
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