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add a note to new github oauth requests #13

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Donald Ephraim Curtis Yann Hodique
Donald Ephraim Curtis

By default new oauth tokens appears as GitHub API but it seems worth using gh.el - <hostname> as a better nomenclature. This allows one to know which keys to revoke in their "Authorized Applications" tab in cases where they would like to.

Yann Hodique sigma merged commit 565b8a0 into from
Yann Hodique sigma closed this
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Sep 27, 2012
Donald Ephraim Curtis add github oauth note when creating new oauth token 624528d
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  1. 4  gh-oauth.el
4  gh-oauth.el
@@ -98,7 +98,9 @@
98 98
 (defmethod gh-oauth-auth-new ((api gh-oauth-api) &optional scopes)
99 99
100 100
    api (gh-object-reader (oref api auth-cls)) "POST"
-   (format "/authorizations") (list (cons 'scopes scopes))))
+   (format "/authorizations") (list (cons 'scopes scopes)
+                                    (cons 'note (format "gh.el - %s"
+                                                        (system-name))))))
102 104
103 105
 (defmethod gh-oauth-auth-update ((api gh-oauth-api) id &optional scopes)
104 106

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