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libxosd bindings for guile
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(osd) enables you to use the libxosd project in you guile applications

For details on how to use xosd, please refer to xosd documentation, the functions are translated as is in guile.
- the xosd_display function is splitted in 3 guile functions:
  * xosd-display-percentage
  * xosd-display-string
  * xosd-display-slider
- the xosd_get_colour returns a list instead of having out parameters

Note that constants XOSD_top, XOSD_center, etc. have been replaced by symbols

the xosd-display-printf was dropped because:
- it is probably hard to implement (I don't know how to wrap a variable arguments function)
- it is useless since you can do the (format) in scheme and then call xosd-display-string

The name of the module is "xosdguile". You have to put it somewhere in your %load-path

An example of how you can use it:

(use-modules (xosdguile))
(define osd (make-xosd 2))
(xosd-set-timeout! osd 5)
(xosd-set-pos! osd 'top)
(xosd-set-align! osd 'center)
(xosd-display-string osd 0 "Plopor !")