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magit-gh-pulls is a Magit extension that allows you to conveniently manipulate Github’s pull requests from Emacs.


magit-gh-pulls is available on MELPA. To install it do the following:

M-x package-install RET magit-gh-pulls RET

Now that the package is installed you have to put the following code to your init.el:

(require 'magit-gh-pulls)
(add-hook 'magit-mode-hook 'turn-on-magit-gh-pulls)


Existing Pull Requests

In magit-status window press # g to refresh the list of pull requests. magit-gh-pulls automatically infers credentials from the URL of the repository. You can also explicitly specify which Github project to fetch PRs from by executing this in your shell:

git config <user>/<repo> # your github repository

If there are some PRs available, a new section will appear called Pull Requests. Each item in this section has the following form:

[pull-request-number@branch-name] Pull request name

Highlighting the desired PR and pressing # f will fetch the commits associated with the PR. You can then press TAB to reveal the list of commits which comes with this PR. They are real git commits that you can view, apply, cherry-pick etc.

From this point magit-gh-pulls offers you two options:

  • press # b on the PR to create a topic branch for this PR. After testing the PR you can merge it back into your branch using Magit.
  • press # m to merge the PR on top of the currently checked out branch. This is convenient if pull request can be merged by fast-forwarding and no testing is needed (or you can test from your branch directly). A nice benefit of this approach over merging from Github interface is that in case of FF no merge commit is produced by default, so history stays nice and linear. If you still want the merge commit, enable -c option while in magit-gh-pulls menu.
Creating Pull Requests

In magit-status press # c to create a new pull request. You will be asked for the base commit and the head commit for the pull-request. A PR editor will open where you can customize the title and the body of the pull request. Finally, pressing C-c C-c will connect to GitHub to create the pull request. If -w option is enabled, the new pull request will be opened on in the browser.

Hint: install markdown-mode to automatically use it in PR editor.

The base and head of the pull request must already be present on Github. If you haven’t yet pushed your local commits, magit-gh-pulls will suggest to push them first.

  • # o Will open the selected a pull request in your default browser on GitHub.
  • j q will jump to the Pull Requests section in the magit-status window.


Copyright © 2011-2016 Yann Hodique, Alexander Yakushev and contributors. Distributed under the GNU General Public License ver. 2. See the header of the source file.


Magit plugin for dealing with GitHub pull requests






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