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This projects provides a glue to produce S5 based presentations from Org-Mode files.

- copy org-s5.el somewhere in your Emacs' load-path

- (require 'org-s5) from your .emacs

- copy provided Org files into your sources directory

  $ cp s5.org $ORG_SRC
  $ cp s5-demo.org $ORG_SRC    # this one is optional, contains a demo presentation

- Retrieve S5 (http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/ )

- uncompress S5 (that will be a directory called "ui") inside your HTML export directory

  Note: that export directory depends entirely on your Org setup. You might
  want to configure it using the `org-publish' feature. See
  for details.

  $ unzip s5.zip -d $ORG_HTML_EXPORT

- copy jquery.js and org-slides.js (from this project) at the right place

  $ cp jquery.js org-slides.js $ORG_HTML_EXPORT/ui

Now you're ready to export an Org file as a S5 presentation. This will be
automatically achieved through regular HTML export, provided that your Org file
contains the "magic" line:

#+SETUPFILE: s5.org

Supported features:
- Top-level entries are mapped to slides
- Org tags are used for S5 "uncover" feature
  Use "Incremental" and "ShowFirst" on the parent of the list you want to uncover step by step (see s5-demo.org for an example)
- External links are taken into account