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nabatsignalrc Syntax

This is for the release of version 0.3. Now located in the master branch.

There are only five options that can be currently set from the .nabatsignalrc file. This makes it easier that typing your preferences at the commandline every single time. They are:

  • browser
  • gtk
  • jingle
  • mp3player
  • ssl
  • irc

The browser option should be provided the full path to the browser you would like to use. This is only for when gtk is set to on but can be set anyway. One could have browser /usr/bin/firefox or browser /usr/bin/opera. Really this makes life easier for you.

The gtk option determines whether a window should pop-up to alert you or whether the program just dumps the announcement to the terminal in which it is currently running.

The jingle option should be provided the full path to the location of the jingle you would like the bat signal to play for you. One could have jingle /home/sigmavirus24/github/jingles/douchebag.mp3. I do plan to include a few more jingles and make this completely installable so you will be able to then do jingle douchebag.mp3 or jingle hotpockets.mp3, but as of now this is not available.

The mp3player option should be provided the full path to the location of the program you would like to play the jingle. This eliminates the (absolute) dependency on mpg123. An example is mp3player /usr/bin/mplayer or even mp3player /usr/bin/cmus. Really anything you want.

The ssl option determines whether the program should use libcurl for SSL/TLS connections to Twitter (on) or not. ssl on leads to a minor memory leak as a consequence of using libcurl. For this reason alone, I added the option to turn it off.

The irc option determines whether the program should forward the bat signal to the No Agenda IRC Bot.

An example rc file is included with the source.

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