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Python port of Gina Trapani's popular todo.txt-cli project
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Build Status

A port of the popular todo.txt-cli project from bash to python.


This only requires GitPython if you want to have also manage a git repository which tracks the related files. Running the script once will give you the URL to download it. Please note that GitPython is written for git --version 1.7.2+.

If you're on Windows and running the script out of cmd.exe, install colorama for 'termcolor' support.


From the repo

If you want to install the copy locally (i.e. to a personal directory) you can simply download one of the packages and run the script.

Be sure to run ./ -h first. You can decide where you would like the script installed (the default is $HOME/bin/) and where you would like an alias for the script, e.g., t or tpy, written (the default is $HOME/.bashrc).

Using pypi

If you would prefer a system-wide installation, you can use install from PyPi like so:

$ pip install

Be aware that making a system-wide installation will not automattically create an alias for your use. You will have to edit either your .bashrc or .bash_profile (or respective shell configuration filse) to include something along the lines of:

alias t='$HOME/bin/'


Enjoy, contribute, and feel free to clone. I'm doing this blind [1] as best as possible for fun.

Important Information

[1]By blind, I mean without looking at the source of the original todo.txt-cli project. I'm working solely from my experiences with the script and experimenting with the functionality while adding things I should probably write as patches and send upstream... I'll wait to finish my version of the project first though.
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