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@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Updates for add-on functionality. May 25, 2012 7583395
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add comment about issue #20 May 23, 2012 73fa550
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add a bit more to the add-on development section. May 23, 2012 b36d7a1
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Revert "Attempt one more solution at formatting." This reverts commit b78f2e9c9bed9e6fbb56f2fe3ce372b5cd0b1b0f. Nope. GFM doesn't like rst and makes that apparently clear despite specifying it as rst. May 23, 2012 28b0628
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Attempt one more solution at formatting. It seems indenting it further than the surroundings performs the trick: https://raw.github.com/github/github-flavored-markdown/gh-pages/index.md May 23, 2012 b78f2e9
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add a footnote to say what I cannot demonstrate. May 23, 2012 0970e23
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Fix formatting. GitHub will try to format anything as markdown that it can. I was trying to specify a template, and it ignores the fact that in rST it shouldn't touch escape sequences. May 23, 2012 46c872b
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Rewrite addons.rst. Add info to Home.rst. May 23, 2012 e0a09c5
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add links to config options in relevant sections. May 18, 2012 45ca577
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Update help as well. Still looking to see how to turn on syntax highlighting in rst for the addons page. May 18, 2012 ff798f8
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 D'oh. Should have realized it was the @ symbol. May 18, 2012 0a46821
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 This will certainly work. May 18, 2012 5e270d2
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Fix the link to Jeff's username? May 18, 2012 8a75bf1
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Minor fixes to formatting. May 18, 2012 3c53f6b
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Replace markdown home with rst home. May 18, 2012 d7f2ed4
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Will it blend? Update information about git integration for the home page. Remove the markdown version of README and see if GitHub supports rst. May 18, 2012 0dadd71
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:sigmavirus24/Todo.txt-python.wiki May 18, 2012 cbf00a0
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Remove README.md from Home. Finish help. May 18, 2012 af88f8e
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Update addons to be more correct. May 3, 2012 f8f7d89
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:sigmavirus24/Todo.txt-python.wiki May 1, 2012 3e0ef28
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add addons.md Talk about development of addons. Relates to issue #15. May 1, 2012 190ad4f
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Make this show up differently in the Page index. Feb 18, 2012 5a39b34
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add README.md to the wiki section and links to it. Feb 18, 2012 d60c075
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Update README.md. Feb 18, 2012 87d5591
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:sigmavirus24/Todo.txt-python.wiki Feb 18, 2012 dc85ee0
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add a wiki page for configuration files. Feb 18, 2012 0c68aba
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:sigmavirus24/Todo.txt-python.wiki Conflicts: Home.md Forgot to pull before making my changes. Feb 18, 2012 d2a8b27
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add note about using python3 instead. Feb 18, 2012 3ec4b72
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add help.md link to Home.md Feb 11, 2012 7471cb2
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Add deprioritize command. Feb 11, 2012 567f434