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This part of the documentation covers the API. This is intended to be a beautifully written module which allows the user (developer) to interact with elegantly and easily.

Module Contents

To interact with the GitHub API you can either authenticate to access protected functionality or you can interact with it anonymously. Authenticating provides more functionality to the the user (developer).

To authenticate, you simply use :func:`github3.login`.

With the :class:`GitHub <github3.github.GitHub>` object that is returned you have access to more functionality. See that object's documentation for more information.

To use the API anonymously, you can create a new :class:`GitHub <github3.github.GitHub>` object, e.g.,

from github3 import GitHub

gh = GitHub()

Or you can simply use the following functions

Enterprise Use

If you're using to interact with an enterprise installation of GitHub, you must use the :class:`GitHubEnterprise <github3.github.GitHubEnterprise>` object. Upon initialization, the only parameter you must supply is the URL of your enterprise installation, e.g.

from github import GitHubEnterprise

g = GitHubEnterprise('')
stats = g.admin_stats('all')
assert 'issues' in stats, ('Key issues is not included in the admin'
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