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2008-11-20 Joerg Wunsch <>
* avrdude.h: Change the prototype for usleep() to be more Cygwin-
* ppiwin.c: (Ditto.)
2008-11-06 Joerg Wunsch <>
Submitted by limor <>
* usbtiny.c (usbtiny_cmd): Replace sizeof() by a fixed constant
4 for the result array, because otherwise it would take the size
of a pointer which miserably fails on 64-bit machines.
2008-11-05 Joerg Wunsch <>
patch #6609: Using PCI parallel port cards on Windows
* ppiwin.c (ppi_open): If the port parameter passed from the
-p option is neither lpt1/2/3, try interpreting it directly as
a base address.
* avrdude.1: Document the change.
* doc/avrdude.texi: (Ditto.)
2008-11-04 Joerg Wunsch <>
bug #22882: Erase Cycle Counter does not work for stk500v2
* stk500v2.c (stk500v2_chip_erase,stk500hv_chip_erase): Return
the expected 0 for success rather than a protocol-dependant
2008-11-04 Joerg Wunsch <>
bug #22883: Chip Erase performed even with no-write flag (-n)
* main.c: Do not erase the chip if both, -e and -n options have
been specified.
2008-11-04 Joerg Wunsch <>
bug #24589: AT90USB64* have wrong signature
* Uncomment the correct, and delete the wrong
signature for AT90USB646/647. Alas, the datasheet has never been
corrected for years.
2008-10-31 Joerg Wunsch <>
* jtagmkII.c: Fix a serious memory corruption that happened when
using the JTAG ICE mkII (or AVR Dragon) in ISP mode. The wrong
set of per-programmer private data had been allocated (stk500v2
vs. jtagmkII) which was too small to hold the actual data.
* jtagmkII.h: (Ditto.)
* stk500v2.c: (Ditto.)
2008-07-29 Joerg Wunsch <>
* jtagmkII.c: Implement Xmega JTAG support.
* jtagmkII_private.h: Add EMULATOR_MODE_JTAG_XMEGA.
2008-07-29 Joerg Wunsch <>
* main.c: Remember whether the device initialization worked, and
allow to continue with -F if it failed yet do not attempt to
perform anything on the device itself. That way, -tF could be
specified for programmers like the STK500/STK600 even without a
device connected, just in order to allow changing parameters on
the programmer itself.
* avrdude.1: Document that possible use of the -F option.
* doc/avrdude.texi: (Ditto.)
2008-07-29 Joerg Wunsch <>
* stk500v2.c (stk600_xprog_paged_write): Fix a fatal miscalculation
of the number of bytes to be written which caused a malloc chunk
2008-07-27 Joerg Wunsch <>
First implementation of ATxmega support. By now, only the
PDI mode of the STK600 is supported. Single-byte EEPROM
(and flash) updates do not work yet.
* avr.c: "boot" memory is a candidate memory region for paged
operations, besides "flash" and "eeprom".
* add ATxmega128A1 and ATxmega128A1revD
* avrpart.h: add the AVRPART_HAS_PDI flag (used to distinguish
ATxmega parts from classic AVRs), the nvm_base part field, and
the offset field for a memory region.
* config_gram.y: add "has_pdi", "nvm_base", and "offset"
* lexer.l: (Ditto.)
* main.c: disable auto_erase for ATxmega parts
* stk500v2.c: implement the XPROG functionality, and divert to
this for ATxmega parts
* avrdude.1: Document the changes.
* doc/avrdude.texi: (Ditto.)
2008-07-25 Joerg Wunsch <>
Fix a bunch of warnings.
* avr910.c (avr910_paged_load): possible unitialized use of
* jtagmkI.c (jtagmkI_initialize): pointer signedness mixup
* jtagmkII.c (jtagmkII_print_parms1): propagate const'ness
of parameter
* usbasp.c (usbasp_transmit): pointer signedness mixup
* ser_avrdoper.c (usbGetReport): remove useless pointer deref
2008-07-25 Joerg Wunsch <>
Contributed by Ville Voipio:
patch #6501: New autotools support for avrdude
* bootstrap: allow for autconf-2.61 and automake-1.10, too
* fix @WINDOWS_DIRS@ recursion, replace
AC_PROG_CC by AM_PROG_CC_C_O, for esoteric reasons
2008-06-13 Joerg Wunsch <>
Contributed by Janos Sallai <>:
patch #6074: added support for crossbow's MIB510 programmer
* Add entry for mib510.
* stk500.c: Add special hooks to handle the MIB510 programmer.
It mostly talks STK500v1 protocol but has a special hello and
goodbye sequence, and uses a fixed block size of 256 bytes.
* doc/avrdude.texi: Document support for mib510.
2008-06-07 Joerg Wunsch <>
Contributed by Klaus Leidinger <>:
* main.c: Realign verbose messages.
* avrpart.c: (Ditto.)
* avr910.c: Print the device code selected in verbose mode.
* butterfly.c: (Ditto.)
2008-06-07 Joerg Wunsch <>
Contributed by Klaus Leidinger <>:
Add check for buffermode feature, and use it if present. Can be
turned off using -x no_blockmode.
* avr910.c: Implement buffermode test and usage.
* avrdude.1: Document -x no_blockmode.
* doc/avrdude.texi: (Ditto.)
2008-03-24 Joerg Wunsch <>
* usb_libusb.c: #undef interface for Win32
2008-03-24 Joerg Wunsch <>
* avr910.c: Add support for the -x devcode option.
* avrdude.1: Document -x devcode for avr910.
* doc/avrdude.texi: (Ditto.)
2008-03-14 Joerg Wunsch <>
Add initial support for the Atmel STK600, for
"classic" AVRs (AT90, ATtiny, ATmega) in both,
ISP and high-voltage programming modes.
* Add -lm.
* Add stk600, stk600pp, and stk600hvsp.
* config_gram.y: Add support for the stk600* keywords.
* lexer.l: (Ditto.)
* pgm.h: Add the "chan" parameter to set_varef().
* stk500.c: (Ditto.)
* serial.h: Add USB endpoint support to struct filedescriptor.
* stk500v2.c: Implement the meat of the STK600 support.
* stk500v2.h: Add new prototypes for stk600*() programmers.
* stk500v2_private.h: Add new constants used in the STK600.
* term.c: Add AREF channel support.
* usb_libusb.c: Automatically determine the correct write
endpoint ID, the STK600 uses 0x83 while all other tools use
0x82. Propagate the EP to use through struct filedescriptor.
* usbdevs.h: Add the STK600 USB product ID.
* tools/get-stk600-cards.xsl: XSL transformation for
targetboards.xml to obtain the list of socket and routing
card IDs, to be used in stk500v2.c (for displaying the
* tools/get-stk600-devices.xsl: XSL transformation for
targetboards.xml to obtain the table of socket/routing cards
and their respective AVR device support for doc/avrdude.texi.
* avrdude.1: Document all the STK600 stuff.
* doc/avrdude.texi: Ditto. Added a new chapter for
Programmer Specific Information.
2008-01-26 Joerg Wunsch <>
* stk500v2.c (stk500v2_recv): Make length computation unsigned so
it cannot accidentally become negative.
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