Viewer for Observing Multiple Computers using VNC
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This is verion 1.4 of the ThumbnailViewer.  It is based on/uses tightvnc's java viewer v.1.3.9 and ultravnc's java viewer 1.0.2

You can execute the VncThumbnailViewer by running:
     java -classpath VncThumbnailViewer.jar VncThumbnailViewer

You can specify servers to connect to on the commandline:
     java -classpath VncThumbnailViewer.jar VncThumbnailViewer HOST PORT 5900 PASSWORD pa$s HOST PORT 5900 PASSWORD p@ss

You can use "encpassword" instead of "password" on the commandline to specify a vnc encrypted password instead of plaintext.
     java -classpath VncThumbnailViewer.jar VncThumbnailViewer HOST PORT 5900 ENCPASSWORD 40CCA9718FFB8E91

You can specify "username" on the commandline for any server that is using MS-Logon.

It is recommended that you increase the Java Heap Size when running VncThumbnailViewer.  Do this by adding the following commandline option: