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Widget Simple Template with libraries

This is a simple widget template to help you get started which demonstrates how to load and use Widget Preferences as well as the basic file structure of a widget.

It uses RequireJS to help create modular code and jQuery to load the configuration and interact with the DOM

To test this widget in Signagelive:

  1. Zip up all of the folders and index.html and config.xml
  2. You can call it anything you wish
  3. Change the File Extension to .wgt
  4. Upload to Signagelive
  5. Add to an playlist
  6. If you look at the prefences by double clicking the asset in the playlist you will note you can change the value of the Text preference to anything you like
  7. Change any values you wish
  8. Save the playlist
  9. Publish the playlist to your Signagelive Player
  10. Your message will display on your screen