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CouchDB Scout Plugins

This directory contains a series of Scout plugins that can be used with CouchDB.

The Plugins

  • CouchDBServerStatusPlugin - Reports CouchDB version, database reads, writes, and request times
  • CouchDBHttpMethodsPlugin - Reports stats on GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and HEAD requests
  • CouchDBHttpResponsesPlugin - Reports counts of the various HTTP status codes returned by CouchDB
  • CouchDBHttpStatsPlugin - Reports stats on HTTP requests, bulk requests, view reads, and the number of clients requesting _changes
  • CouchDBDatabasePlugin - Reports stats on an individual database, including document count, size on disk, and more
  • CouchDBLucenePlugin - Reports stats on an individual couchdb-lucene index, including document count, size on disk, and more

Scout Setup

All plugins allow you to specify your CouchDB Host and port in the plugin settings. A Status Range setting is also used for CouchDB versions >= 0.11. The value of this setting is in seconds (values values are 60, 300, or 900), and should match the Scout report interval you configure for the plugin.

CouchDB Versions

CouchDB 0.11 and later

The stats API was improved in 0.11, allowing the plugins to report more details, including mean, max, and standard deviation for most statistics.

CouchDB 0.9 and 0.10

Only counts are supported for the majority of statistics. That is because there is no reliable way to get the other statistics for a given time interval.

CouchDB Lucene

The CouchDBLucenePlugin has been tested with version 0.5.6