@tanji tanji released this Jun 5, 2018 · 18 commits to 2.0 since this release

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  • Fix reverse DNS issues
  • Fix removed slave causing error 1045
  • Force slave_pos when MariaDB GTID Switch
  • Fix crash in haproxy stats
  • Remove limitation to MySQL 5.7 and beyond
  • Fix ProxySQL load users
  • Fix flashing slave state in dashboard when slave in error
  • Slimmer docker image (contributed by @erasys)

@tanji tanji released this Mar 14, 2018 · 40 commits to 2.0 since this release

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  • Improvements in failover election trying to give advantage to the most up to date slave
  • Cancel failover when electable slave has issue
  • Fix issues when replication manager was restarted with no current master
  • Various dashboard fixes

@tanji tanji released this Jan 29, 2018 · 65 commits to 2.0 since this release

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This is the 2nd release candidate of Replication Manager for MySQL/MariaDB/Percona series.


  • Fixed several issues with Arbitrator server
  • RM will not overrule ProxySQL on read-only flag detections
  • Last RW server is now correctly set to master instead of standalone
  • ProxySQL can now be bootstrapped from the RM config
  • Maintenance toggle was broken and has been fixed
  • Fixed issues with slave down calling for replication checks
  • Clean up some unnecessarily verbose log messages
  • Fixed configuration typos
  • Preferred and Ignored servers are now shown in the dashboard
  • Graphs tab will be disabled if Graphite hasn't been configured
  • Fixed switchover to preferred master on CLI
  • Fixed Could not set replication channel when a db server has no binlog (#198)
  • Rewrote Dockerfile to work with 2.x series
Jan 9, 2018
Update dependencies
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This is a release candidate version of Replication Manager 2.0.
Please refer to https://docs.signal18.io/ for configuration changes.

  • Replication Manager API
  • Rewritten MaxScale Proxy monitoring
  • Support of MySQL replication
  • Support of OpenSVC enterprise
  • New unified configuration syntax
  • Support for ProxySQL
  • Arbitrator in standalone package
  • Refactored internal logging
  • Improved HTTP Interface
  • Improved packaging
  • Multi Master Ring support
  • Consul Support
  • Maintenance Mode support
  • Failover using Pseudo GTID support
  • Rewritten HAProxy support
  • Shard Proxy (Spider) support
  • Sphinx support
  • Grafana integration
  • Refactored monitoring logic
  • Too many bug fixes to be listed here
Aug 18, 2017
Fix disappearing bracket
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General Availability Release for replication-manager 1.1.1


  • Fix slave stuck in suspect mode
  • Fix gtid_slave_pos in dbhelper
  • Change wait apply relay log for GTID Position in MariaDB
  • Fix inserting fake transaction during failover
  • Fix arbitration issue where a SQLite transaction was left open
  • Fix MaxScale provisioning
  • Various logging fixes